You May Be Patient Brokering and Not Even Know It


patient brokering


In the legal realm of the addictions industry, there is a stance on Patient Brokering that most states in the US are vigorously taking part. Most people think of kickbacks or bribes in exchange for paying clients when it comes to Patient Brokering, but let me tell you that there are a few other ways in which a professional in the addictions industry can commit Patient Brokering and not even realize that they are doing so. Let’s take a few minutes and look at some of these ways in which an addictions professional can commit Patient Brokering.



1) Purchasing Airfare-an addictions professional can not offer airfare to a potential paying client to gain the paying client. This may seem harmless but it is a definite “no no”.
2) Paying Insurance– an addictions professional can not offer to pay the monthly insurance bill, the deductible, or the insurance in whole, to gain the client.
3. Double Dipping– this next one is one of the issues that sent quite a few CEOs to prison in the US recently and it’s called Double Dipping. This is where the addictions professional bills the client directly for cash, then also bills their insurance.
4. Offering Gifts or Cash– the last one we are going to discuss is the offering of gifts or cash money to gain the client. No third party or client themselves can be offered any type of gift, money, gift cards or any other item that may be looked at as a type of bribe to can the clients.
So as you can see there are many ways in which you can get caught up in Patient Brokering if you are not careful and fully aware of the laws and the different meanings of Patient Brokering. We here at The Addictions Academy have two separate classes that teach you all you need to know about Patient Brokering. Contact us today through our website at What is The Addictions Academy ®? – Find Out. Call 1-800-706-0318 ext 2 or by calling us at 1-800-706-0318 to get info on our ETHICS TRAINING CERTIFICATION and our BUSINESS OUTREACH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM. Make sure you reserve your seat and learn how to operate your company in a legal manner.