Why Concierge Addiction Recovery Services May Replace Traditional Substance Use Treatment


Modern times are bringing a modern influence to everything in life, especially the addiction industry and recovery community. Whether a client needs an addiction interventionist, a sober coach or any top professional coach, ‘New Age’ concierge service is highly successful and in great demand when it comes to battling the deadly cycle of addiction.



Imagine if you could take an old school six month in-house residential rehab experience and strip down all the out-dated recovery based methods that do not work and insert all the new proven and highly successful recovery methods into a three to ten day INTENSIVE program that WORKS!

That’s right, short and sweet and HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL to get you back on track and out of ACTIVE ADDICTION.


Well, Dr. Cali Estes and The Addiction Coach have this very model of concierge services that cater to your individual needs when it comes to battling addiction. Addiction is NOT a “one size fits all” mentality anymore when it comes to recovery and sobriety maintenance. We are all “wired” differently and need an individual recovery based program to give us the best chance to remain clean and sober once we get clean and sober.

Not only do we concentrate on the standard concept of addiction, but we also focus on things like nutrition and brain health that are vital when it comes to a successful recovery from addiction. We want to focus on healing the addict and not just putting a bright shiny band aid on their issues. So let’s keep in mind that the typical 30 to 90 day residential rehab program is absolutely NOT a realistic option for those of us with kids, bills, and jobs that can’t function without us for an hour much less a month.

Let’s stop the revolving door of rehabilitation and contact Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach at https://theaddictionscoach.com/concierge-private-retreat/ or by calling 1-800-706-0318 to get information on all of their “concierge services” when it comes to addiction recovery. Our website lists all of our recovery based programs and we also have an enormous testimonial page so that you can hear from the many people who have used The Addictions Coach and Dr. Cali Estes to change their lives for the better and put addiction in the rear view mirror forever!