Why Choose Concierge Alternative to Traditional Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

Why choose concierge alternative to traditional drug and alcohol treatment?

Get more accomplished in less time and have a relaxing retreat or vacation in the mix.

conciergeDr. Cali Estes of The Addictions Coach has created a unique concierge alternative to drug and alcohol treatment facilities that is perfect for busy CEO’S, professionals, and high-profile individuals that need a private, confidential, yet effective and fast program. If you want to get to the root cause of the issues in your life that are holding you back from achieving that next level, this is the program for you. We offer this in one of three locations: sunny, Miami Florida, Los Angeles (think sunsets on the beach), and also Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. Beautiful locations with plenty of activities, sun, and fun to recover.

So why a Concierge alternative to drug treatment and alcohol treatment?

  1. You can have drug and alcohol treatment on your time, in your own home or office or one of our amazing locations, with a full team of professionals that specialize in addiction issues. Having to get up and go to a drug addiction treatment facility for 30 days is time-consuming. It is not private, you barely get any therapy or help and you leave having to go back into the stress of life without any real aftercare, and maybe an untrained sober companion that follows you around for a while. It could be very different.  What if you handled every stressor as it came up and each problem as it arose with your concierge transformation coach, Dr. Cali Estes who has a PhD in clinical psychology and has been working with drug addictions and alcohol addictions for 25 years. Your pace and results would be much different and much faster.
  2. We tailor the entire program to you. Confidentially is paramount and with one person that delves deep into the issues surrounding your addiction and productivity, you don’t have to worry if you’re innermost secrets are shared with anyone because we offer 100% confidentiality. By offering one on one personal coaching and therapy, we can get to the bottom of the issues fast and work on each one that is causing you to be stuck where you are. Dr. Estes has a theory and it is ‘addiction is not your problem, it the solution to your problem’, meaning you medicate to not to have to deal with an issue or because you are bored or because there is trauma. So what is the issue? She will spend a few days diving deep with you in drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and other areas to get to the root cause and solve it.
  3.  This is a full team approach. You will have access to a nutritionist, personal trainer, chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, along with craniotherapy, PEMF machines, digestive enzymes and all supplements to help heal your brain and body. Imagine a team at your fingertips. White glove service. Get more accomplished in less time.