Long Term Sober Success: Striving to achieve long term sober success in substance use treatment & recovery through industry-leading private coaching and support services . . .

Striving to achieve long term sober success in substance use treatment & recovery through industry-leading private recovery coaching and support services.Overcoming substance use disorders – alcohol, food, gambling, sex, etc. – is not about willpower, focus, desire or anything of the sort. Substance use, alcoholism and mental health & dual-diagnosis disorders are complex issues that affect your brain and its ability to function. Just as you would not consider fighting cancer without professional help, so too is the same for addictions and mental health disorders (dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorder).

No matter what anyone says, or how good your intentions are, this struggle is yours and it is a difficult one that lasts a lifetime. Long term sober success, or complete withdrawal from the substance or activity that is the root cause of your addiction, is a battle that can be won with the proper course of treatment, structure and support system. Sure, some people can kick the habit on their own, but few and far between are those who enjoy lasting sober success or who aren’t conflicted regularly by the demons of their past and temptations of their environment. The road to recovery need not be a lonely path, and with the help of private recovery coaching from the experts at The Addictions Coach, you too can help you achieve long term sober success!

We are often faced with variations of one particular question, that question being, “How is recovery or sober coaching different from the traditional drug rehab/treatment center approach, and does it typically garner higher success rates in terms of both, length as well as quality of sobriety?” The fact of the matter is that while traditional addiction treatment approaches can provide wonderful platforms for change, they often times fall short in cases where a more personal or customized approach is warranted.

Why Do I Need A Sober Coach or Life Coach?

People need a private coach because they are not able to achieve the results they desire on their own. This is not a sign of weakness, but rather a strength in character of someone who realizes that they want something more or better than they have now. When you hire a sober, recovery or addictions coach, you join the ranks of top athletes, business people and world leaders. Coaches provide objectivity and clarity to guide you through the best possible addiction and mental health treatment options for your specific situation. They customize a plan of action that will hold you accountable and ensure your recovery results are effective and enduring. Picture a therapist, trainer, cheerleader, guidance counselor and expert all on your side to help you win. Now go ahead and allow yourself to reap the benefits of your very own private coach who can help you overcome your addiction or mental health issues.

Who Can Benefit from Private Coaching?

Anyone who is suffering from a substance use, alcohol addiction or mental health disorder and wants to become sober and begin a treatment plan designed especially for their situation and needs. Someone who may have tried one or more traditional drug rehabs and relapsed can benefit from the personalized attention of a private coach. The sole purpose of the sober coaches, recovery coaches, addiction coaches, therapists and trainers at The Addictions Coach is to facilitate and assist you in your recovery. Some examples of people who can benefit from private coaching are:

  • An executive or C level leader who must be discrete about his addiction
  • A student who can’t deviate from his school schedule
  • A mom whose family and household duties must not be neglected

What Services Does The Addictions Coach Provide?

  • Substance use and alcohol addiction counseling and therapy by state
  • Private Concierge professional addiction services and recovery coaching
  • Private substance use and alcohol  detox with our affiliates by licensed state
  • Mobile Alternative to Treatment Intensive 3 -10 days
  • Aftercare after 30 day rehab, PHP or IOP
  • Sober companions and sober coaching
  • Anger management and stress management
  • Couples coaching and relationship coaching
  • Family coaching and assistance
  • Anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mood disorders assistance
  • Life coaching, business coaching and career coaching
  • Personal and professional development
  • Failure to Launch
  • and so much more…

How Does Private Coaching Work?

Private coaching and addiction professional services for substance use disorders is extremely different than your typical drug rehab or therapy sessions. We take into account your entire well being – mind, body and soul – not just the substance use or mental health problem. That being said, we help you create an entire lifestyle, including health, fitness, nutrition, career, and relationships. When the Addictions Coach say private coaching, we really mean it! You have our utmost trust and respect for your confidentiality. Our sober coaches, substance use coaches and recovery coaches provide a 24/7 concierge service. This means we come to you, on your turf – your home, hotel, office, on tour, on set, on the field, on the court, or somewhere more convenient, and work around your schedule. Our mobile rehab recognizes the busy life you have by customizing a treatment plan that works especially for you. We are equipped to provide a full continuum of care including our 24/7 Certified Recovery Coaches, Sobriety Coaches, and Sober Companions. We offer a 7-10 day substance use intensive alternative to a treatment program with our seasoned staff, and Internationally Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors, Internationally Certified Master Addiction Coaches and our Holistic Practitioners. Our specialty is being able to work with you to get to the root cause of the substance use and alcohol addiction, substance abuse problem or behavioral issues that are affecting your daily lifestyle. Concierge addiction alternative to treatment services are the wave of the future.

Do treatment centers work? Generally no. They lack the key element of serious therapy and counseling, most addiction treatment centers only offer 1 to 2 hours a week of therapy and lots of group therapy that does not work. Most people will not share their personal information in a group and prefer to have private sessions.

Can I do drug treatment online? Yes. We offer online recovery coaching, sober coaching, therapy and counseling on line via Telehealth. In home and online addiction services are provided in a secure and confidential manner.

How can I get sober? People can get sober in many different ways. Some people use 12 step abstinence methods, some use addiction coaching, counseling or inpatient rehab services. Some people get sober in the gym, church or even using other methods like SMART Recovery.

Do I need an addiction coach? Addiction coaches can help you get sober fast. They help you get to the root cause of the problem,  and offer coping skills, life skills and ways of peer based strengths supports to help you get your life back.

When you are ready to ride the wave, contact The Addictions Coach 24/7 at 800-706-0318.

Sober and Recovery Coaching for Addiction & Mental Health Treatment