What is a Sober Companion?

What is a Sober Companion?

“Do you struggle with alcohol addiction? Have you been trying to get sober for a while but find yourself drinking again after a few days or weeks of sobriety? Would you like some help staying on the wagon and finding more balance in your life?” then, a sober companion is just for you. in this article, we will give all the information you need to know about sober companions.

What is a Sober Companion, and what do they do?

A sober companion, also known as a sober coach, is an individual who provides support for someone in recovery. The term “companion” implies that the relationship is dynamic and personal—it should not be confused with the role of being a friend. A sober companion’s main responsibility is to supervise the recovery of a person who is recovering from addiction.

What makes Sober Companions unique is that they look at the “whole-person” when they are working with their clients and patient. When a person is suffering from addiction, it can affect their body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Sober companions understand this and work as addiction recovery coaches to help rebuild all these aspects of an individual’s life in order to overcome addiction and provide clients and patients with lifelong skills to stay sober after treatment.

Who should someone hire a sober companion?

  1. People often wonder who needs a sober companion. Anyone can benefit from having one as it helps aid in recovery and gives the individual a better chance at staying clean and sober. Even celebrities have been known to hire sober companions after treatment or when they are trying to stay away from drug use.
  2. If someone has completed a drug rehab program but is struggling to stay clean and sober, it may be beneficial for them to hire a sober companion. This will ensure that they get outside help from someone who understands the nature of addiction so that they can support them throughout recovery.
  3. Working with a Sober Companion can also benefit people who are not struggling with addiction but are just looking for a healthy way to manage their lives. Anyone can hire a sober companion, such as business executives who need to travel and have an active lifestyle that may be impacted by alcohol use or individuals who want to start practicing yoga but worry that they will relapse with drinking if they do so.

How is a Sober Companion different from a Sponsor?

A sponsor is a person who assists an individual in overcoming their addiction. They are typically more involved with planning interventions, organizing meetings, and keeping track of the recovery process. Sponsors usually have completed the program themselves and can offer their clients and patients advice on what worked for them during treatment.

A Sober Companion’s job is to help clients and patients with everyday life issues that arise while they are living in recovery. Sober companions teach clients and patients how to live a successful sober life, not just what steps to take during rehab.

Benefits of having a Sober Companion

The benefits of having a Sober Companion include:

  1. Increased chances of success for staying sober (for the individual and family members)
  2. Less chance of relapse
  3. A constant support system that the individual can reach out to
  4. Someone to help them if they are facing a problem
  5. Assistance with everyday life issues that may arise
  6. A person who is there for the individual “24 hours a day, 7 days a week”
  7. An understanding of addiction and what it takes to remain sober

By providing all of these benefits for a client or patient, Sober Companions are able to guide them to succeed in overcoming addiction. If you think a sober companion is the one for you, find a sober companion’s program.

Different Types of Sober Companions


These sober companions will stay with the client or patient for a period of time (usually 30 days). This allows them to help their clients and patients through the first few weeks of their recovery. It also gives them an opportunity to assist with preparing meals, taking care of errands, get things done around the house, and helping their clients and patients rebuild their lives.

Hourly Sober Companions

These companions provide an hourly service to clients and patients who need them for a short period of time (usually one hour). This works well for those who are looking for someone to accompany them to doctor’s appointments, family events, social gatherings, etc.


These companions are available on the phone to help clients and patients with different issues they face as a part of their recovery. They can give them support, comfort, motivation, or anything else they may need in order to remain sober.

Sober Escorts

These companions are available to escort their clients and patients to any 12 Step meetings they may have in their area. They can also remind them of upcoming meetings and make sure that they get there on time. By being able to attend these meetings, clients and patients are increasing their chances of changing their life for the better.

How to find a sober companion?

Sober Companions who are looking for work can sign up on websites and will be available to potential clients immediately. This saves the hiring client time because they do not need to look through numerous applications before finding someone who is qualified for the job. Finding a Sober Companion is as easy as putting an ad out there, and all of the applicants will come to them. There are also websites that provide clients and patients with these types of therapists. Find certified sober companions.

A sober companion can help you stay safe and healthy while getting through the challenging experience of withdrawal. It’s hard to do anything when withdrawing from alcohol or drugs, but with the right support, it will be much easier to maintain your sobriety.