What Can a Sober Companion Do for Me?


What Can a Sober Companion Do for Me?

10/14/2020 by Chris Cobb


I’ve recently talked about my experiences in different types of addiction treatment, what a Sober Companion is, and why I need a Sober Companion. Knowing that this may be a better option if other forms of treatment, such as inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, or other types of mental health and drug addiction recovery assistance, lets talk about what a sober companion can actually do to help us on our journey through recovery. So, what can a Sober Companion do for me?



  1. Safe Transport:

A Sober Companion is just what the name entails; companion. If I need to make an appointment including Drug and Alcohol Treatment or a meeting, my Sober Companion will transport me to and from such events.


  1. Motivation:

Not only will a Sober Companion help me get to and from meetings, appointments, and so on, they may even accompany me at said meeting. A Sober Companion is not only professionally trained in the field of addiction treatment, but also has dealt with issues similar to mine on a first-hand basis. He or She can keep me motivated by giving me someone who I can relate with that can walk me through aspects of my recovery based off of their real-life experiences.


  1. Consistency:

Having a sure-fire way of never missing my meetings, I don’t have to make any excuses not to go. I have someone to give me a ride, and I have someone, a Sober Companion to make me feel a bit more comfortable with attending certain events that could potentially save my life, by helping me understand the ins and outs of why I even need to go to meetings. Unlike other forms of addiction treatment that may leave me feeling lost, I want to keep moving forward in my recovery because I feel unjudged and understood.