What are addiction treatment programs?

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What are addiction treatment programs?

It’s no secret that addiction has been running rampant in the US. With so many new types of drugs, and ways for people to abuse them, people in the field of addiction treatment have stepped up to work together and to help those who are struggling. So, what are addiction treatment programs available today?

Detox is a higher level of care. People who have been using for long periods of time build up a tolerance, and when they stop using, they go through withdrawal. When an individual wants to get sober, they typically go to detox first. They are supervised by a physician and if necessary, they are made comfortable through medications. The detox process typically last 3-7 days depending on the substance used.

Inpatient is the most common addiction treatment program. This is typically 14-90 days of treatment in a residential setting. Client typically have 1:1 sessions with a therapist, and groups counseling sessions with other clients. This level of care is very intensive and thorough.

PHP (Partial-hospitalization Program) Is a type of day treatment. The client is required to go to treatment and see their counselor and participate in treatment for 8-10 hours a day. They typically live in a sober house at this time, and also have a job.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) – IOP is a level of addiction treatment that is in an outpatient setting. Clients will be living on their own, have job, and will come to the outpatient program for about 10 hours a week. They typically do group and individual sessions, and the length of stay is usually 6-9 months.

Addiction Coach – Addiction Coaching is a relatively new form of addiction treatment program. Addiction coaches work outside of the typical office setting and work out in the community with their clients. They can be hired to go to events, and to travel with their clients. Addiction coaches are mostly people in recovery that use training and their experience to help others find recovery.

Addiction treatment programs have grown substantially in the past few years to continue working to help the crisis. If you or are loved on need help, The Addictions Coach maybe be able to assist you.