VIP Insider Circle: Do you need more clients?

VIP Insider Circle: Do you need more clients?

Check Out What’s Been Added to the Addiction VIP Networking Symposium:

Sponsor, Exhibit, or Attend

This event has three different audiences brought together:

– Addiction Professional Organizations; Treatment Centers, Private Clinicians, Addiction/BH Sales & Service organizations

– The Addicts Mom’s Audience (20,000 Mothers with Children Suffering Addiction)

– Rockers In Recovery Audience

Addiction VIP Education & Networking Symposium


The Counseling Center

Piece of Mind Counseling

West Palm Beach, FL 8 am – 4 pm

Fund Raising Gala The Addicts Mom 5 pm – 9 pm

– 60 Exhibitors Expected – Our Last Event SOLD Out at 40 Exhibitors


– Special Presentation by Dr. Bob (Pass It On, National Tour) –

– Fund Raising Gala for The Addicts Mom from 5-9 PM

The Addicts Mom has over 20,000 mothers with children (young and old) that suffer from addiction.

Lifetime Achievement Award to The Addicts Mom

– Special Performing Artists Rockers In Recovery –

– Croquet Taught By Professionals

NAADAC Presenters

Piece of Mind NAADAC CEU Speaker Danielle “Dani” La Barrie MA, LCSW, CAP Clinical Director Piece of Mind Counseling presenting Childhood as it “used to be.”

This presentation will build awareness on the differences between adolescent and adult addiction. Provide ways to better assess and recognize signs of addiction with adolescents, identify and locate appropriate treatment, and help our young clients develop a lifestyle of balance

FARR NAADAC CEU Speaker John Lehman, President FARR presenting Need to Know Changes Coming in Sober Living in 2015, and the vital role Sober Livings play in treatment.

Gary Kimble Exec. Producer – PASS IT ON…AN EVENING WITH BILL W. & DR. BOB a play that is presented nationally by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. This presentation will demonstrate the true beginnings of AA and the importance of how AA originated and how it is important today for recovery.

Appearing as Bill W. Gary Kimble has travelled from coast to coast (including in San Antonio during the 75th International A.A. Convention) telling the story of America’s greatest gift to the world – the creation of 12 Step Recovery – through the powerful medium of live theater, serving as a catalyst for generating tens of thousands of dollars to support recovery organizations while carrying the message of hope.

The Addicts Mom Speaker TBA

The Counseling Center Speaker TBA

Marketing Speaker Sponsorships (10 Min. Presentations)


Infinity Behavioral Health Services

Insight to Recovery

Brain Resource

Go Cash Box


– The Counseling Center

– Piece of Mind Counseling

– The Addicts Mom


– The Shores Treatment and Recovery

– Infinity Behavioral Health

– Insight to Recovery

– The Addictions Coach

– Peaceful Ridge

– Harbor Village

– Millennium Health

– Our Place Recovery

– Lakeview Health

– Sobewell Concierge Addiction Medicine Program (CAMP)

– Go Cash Box

– Cort

– Dream Recovery International

– Brain Resource

– WithIn Books Boutique

– Rehab Rescue

– Pass It On

FARR Symposium Bag Sponsor

Within Books Boutique Café Gala Bag Sponsor as the bag sponsor for the Gala

Special Entertainment Guest Rockers In Recovery

Fund Raising Gala for The Addicts Mom 5 pm – 9 pm Immediately after Symposium

Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Barbara Theodosiou

The Addictions Academy, Rehab Rescue, and Behavioral Health Network Resources are presenting Barbara Theodosiou a Lifetime Achievement award in recognition to the support and assistance that The Addicts Mom gives to over 20,000 families with addicted children bringing outreach, education, and support toward recovery. Barbara is the respected face; the leader of a vulnerable population whose dreams of the “ideal family” are confronted by addiction and are often shattered. Yet no two families are alike, the unselfish giving inspiration by her mission leads an army of advocacy helping to rebuild, restore, and recover those lives. Come celebrate and show your appreciation and support for a true, unselfish leader in the addiction treatment industry.