A User’s Point of view: A New Strand of Heroin and its ties to Terrorism.


A New Strand of Heroin and its ties to Terrorism


Here in beautiful Miami Florida, the word on the streets is that there is a new potent strand of heroin. This heroin is clean with long-lasting effects. Or as the users say….”It Holds!” Unlike the typical brown or light brown heroin this heroin is grey in color.

The potency of this heroin makes it very dangerous and highly addictive. Now, as a user or someone on the other side who is helping addicts get well, do you ever ask yourself where this heroin comes from? Well if not I’m going to share with you some interesting facts as to where our heroin comes from.

This new potent grey strand comes from Afghanistan. And we all know what else runs rampant in that country. Terrorism, the Taliban and many evil people are a main part of this opioid manufacturing and delivery system throughout the world. Heroin is the cash crop of the Taliban and the scourge of Afghanistan. Afghan farmers claim that they have been given NEW SEEDS that produce higher grade heroin and produces the heroin much faster and for longer periods of time. These new plants require less water which is important in the desert and produce double the opium. The farmers keep it “hush-hush” on where they are getting these new seeds and they say these seeds come with huge cash advances for the farmers! Afghanistan’s poppy harvest claims about $3 billion a year and this number continues to climb. This is a scary fact when you think that a majority of this money finances terrorists and their weapons they need. So for what it’s worth, when you continually buy and use that awesome grey Heroin you are, in a small way, funding Terrorist and their evil actions.

–Miami User

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