UNPAUSE YOUR LIFE Podcast with guest Mark Willingham – AGENT: Where Companies Book Models

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Mark Willingham – AGENT: Where Companies Book Models

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AGENT, the fastest growing modeling platform in the world is disrupting the Modeling Industry. The traditional agency method has lacked transparency, is inefficient and provides little flexibility, especially when you need to book a model last minute. Don’t let someone else send you models they think are right for your production or event.

Mark Willingham is a longtime Fashion Industry Expert and CEO of AGENT, the fastest growing modeling platform in the world.
As the CEO and Co-Founder of AGENT, Mark is responsible for ensuring initiatives are aligned with the company vision, spearheading strategy, overseeing operations, and ongoing corporate performance.

Prior to joining AGENT, Mark was the northern hemisphere president of Brazilian high-fashion brand Carmen Steffens. During his 11 years tenure the brand grew from 69 Carmen Steffens stores to more than 550 stores across 18 countries. And, prior to Carmen Steffens, he was vice president of marketing for 6 years at HeyAnita, a ground-breaking voice recognition and next-generation mobile messaging software company founded with executives from Microsoft.

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