UNPAUSE YOUR LIFE Podcast: Guest Jeffrey Lynne, Patient Brokering & Your Rights in Recovery

UNPAUSE YOUR LIFE Podcast with guest, Jeffrey Lynne – Patients are Commodities & Help is Motivated by Money
Jeffrey Lynne
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Dr. Cali Estes is joined by Jeffrey Lynne Esq. a law partner in Florida law firm Beighley, Myrick, Udell and Lynne with a Boca Raton based consulting practice focused on zoning, real estate, business structuring, marketing, licensing, regulatory compliance and litigation in the Substance Use Disorder treatment and sober living residence provider space. He was appointed by Palm Beach State attorney Dave Aronberg to serve on the Sober Homes taskforce and is also the editor of the blog Sober Law News.

Jeffrey explains the misunderstandings around the laws that exist in the substance use disorder space and why it’s there especially pertaining to kickbacks and patient-centered care.

Jeffrey sheds light on the difficulty treatment providers face distinguishing themselves as good providers outside of word of mouth or referrals. He shares the value of a patient in a marketplace and the role of a patient broker. Jeffery exposes “Interventionists” and their duplicitous operations. He clarifies the law around this and what is and isn’t permitted ie (paybacks, kickbacks for patient referrals). Jefferey says this inevitably leads to people being motivated by money and not by the service needed.

Jeff raises the concern that patients are becoming commodities and the focus is no longer the clinical outcome. He expresses the progress in social policy and civil rights, inefficacious against the immoral scourge of patient brokering.

The issue is compounded outside influences such as negative press around the addiction recovery arena as well as individuals forming groups on social media which shed an unfounded negative light on addiction service providers.

Jeffrey tackles the unrealistic pressure being created for free addiction recovery services and the economic marring it brings to these providers. He unpacks the fallacies that ‘parents are not at fault when it comes to addiction’ and ‘pharmaceutical companies are to blame.’

Jeffrey highlights “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it’s community” while conveying how society is undermining the addiction recovery community fabric in Florida.

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