Transferring Our Drug Addiction Over To Junk Food Addiction


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food addiction

You may be familiar with the addiction and recovery related word called “transferring”. Transferring is when we trade one addiction for another addiction. Some trade a heroin addiction for a cocaine addiction. Some trade a meth addiction for a sex addiction, etc.  There is one  transfer that gets overlooked a majority of the time, and that is when we transfer a drug addiction for a food addiction, or primarily a junk food addiction. I’m not quite sure why this transfer of unhealthy and deadly addictions gets overlooked as much as it does. Maybe it’s because food is obviously a legal substance and it’s a substance that is needed to survive. And when you combine these two circumstances it makes it easy for us as a society to overlook the addiction of food and junk food. Let’s look at some of the reasons why junk food can be, and is so addictive.

Eating unhealthy foods can be just as deadly as heroin, cocaine, meth or any deadly illegal substance. Let’s face it, most unhealthy foods are used as feel good foods to numb the same pain that we numb with illegal substances. Not to mention the fact that junk foods can lead to poor health, which in turn, can have the same devastating consequences on our bodies as drug addiction can. So here are a few reasons that junk food is an addiction that a lot of drug addicts transfer over to once they seem to have their actual drug addiction under control.

1. JUNK FOOD SERVES AS A COPING MECHANISM-just like any illegal addictive drug, junk food, or comfort food, can serve as a major coping mechanism which can develop into an addictive habit much like heroin, cocaine, and meth.
2. SWEETS HAVE ALMOST THE SAME CHEMICAL MAKE UP AS HEROIN-have you ever noticed that opiate addicts crave sugar? Heroin “pings” the brain much like heroin and other opiates due to its similar chemical make up.
3. JUNK FOOD RELEASES THE SAME ENDORPHINS AS OTHER DRUGS– certain junk foods and “feel good” food triggers the brain to release our natural feel good endorphins, the same as other drugs.
4. FOOD IS LEGAL AND A NECESSITY FOR US TO SURVIVE-one of the main reasons the transfer over to junk food addiction from drug addiction is so common is the fact that food is legal and a required substance that, we as humans, need in order to survive.
So as you can see it would be EASY to overlook the fact that food addiction is so commonly transferred over to from drug addiction. But it can also be just as deadly as a drug addiction. If you are transferring from a drug addiction over to a junk food addiction and need help please contact us here at The Addictions Coach  http://www.theaddictionscoach.con or by calling 1-800-706-0318. We are here waiting for you to reach out and ask us for help!