Traditional Rehab Doesn’t Work For Everyone….SOBER ON DEMAND IS HERE!


sober on demand

Much like the title to this blog states, traditional rehab definitely does NOT work for everyone. Success rates for the traditional “in house” residential rehabilitation program are at an all time LOW. Let’s take a few moments and examine some of the main reasons why the traditional in-house residential rehabilitation program’s success rates are at an all time low for the average person. Let’s examine the “elephant in the room” when it comes to traditional in-house residential rehabilitation.
 The first problem with traditional rehab is that the client is completely “up rooted” in their everyday life and placed away from loved ones and their source of income for an extended period of time. This makes it almost impossible to concentrate on getting better when you are drastically worried about your husband, wife, kids and your job. Clients worry about how they are going to keep food on the table for their kids and the lights on for their loved ones while they should be taking in all the new information they are receiving at the rehab. So becoming completely up rooted in all areas of life are completely disruptive to your rehabilitation process.
2. The next issue that traditional rehab brings to the table of failure, is the client to coach ratio. This is very self explanatory. In traditional rehab you will have groups of 20, 30 or maybe even 40 clients to a single coach, psychologist or teacher. The client might be lucky enough to get a SINGLE HOUR a week in a ONE ON ONE scenario with a psychologist, coach or teacher. Every addiction is unique to the person suffering with said addiction and needs to be looked at as such. There is no way that a person sitting among 30 or 40 more addicts in a group setting can get much help out of that group.
3. And that brings us to the fact that unless we are in a one on one situation with a program tailored to us specifically, our chances of complete success are slim to none. In a traditional residential rehabilitation program we are all “lumped” into ONE single entity and are expected to come out of the program successful with flying colors! This is a PIPE DREAM and is only setting the client up for complete and utter FAILURE!
So as we have looked at some of the points of traditional residential rehab that are strong contributors to us failing the program all together, I would now like to talk about The Addictions Coach and it’s SOBER ON DEMAND program and all the reasons why this new state of the art recovery based program is the BEST decision for you to fight your deadly cycle of addiction. So lets counter the three issues we discussed above.
1. UNLIKE traditional residential rehab, SOBER ON DEMAND brings the recovery-based program to you. There is NO “up rooting” the client, as the client stays put in their home. The client keeps his or her job. The client stays with his or her loved ones as the recovery-based program is brought to them. This takes a lot of the unwanted pressure off of the client as they completely concentrate on their recovery.
2. The next issue resolved is the client to coach ratio. SOBER ON DEMAND  is completely ONE ON ONE from start to finish. It is strictly just the client and the nationally certified top sober coach as you work through your recovery-based program and achieve sobriety.
3. And last, but not least, SOBER ON DEMAND is completely tailored to the client, 100%. There is no “one size fits all” mentality when it comes to SOBER ON DEMAND as we send our top nationally certified recovery coach to assess the client then create and tailor a recovery- based program SPECIFIC to the client.

So as you can see  SOBER ON DEMAND counters all the points of traditional rehab that contribute to complete and utter failure for the hopeful client. So if you are suffering with an active addiction or know someone who is, head over to  or call 1-800-706-0318 to get all the info on SOBER ON DEMAND. Also head over to our testimonial page and hear video testimonial from the hundreds of those who have used SOBER ON DEMAND to completely change their lives for the better.