Top 8 Signs of Gaming Addiction


gaming addiction


Video game addiction, or gaming, is quickly becoming a very relevant and harmful addiction in today’s society. We here at The Addictions Coach have seen a spike in our clients looking for coaching for their gaming addiction.
At The Addictions Academy, we have seen a spike in those professionals looking to take our classes on video game addiction to help their clients who are addicted to gaming.
So, let’s spend a few moments going over some of the telltale signs that you may be addicted to video games.

Top 8 Signs of  Gaming Addiction

1. Preoccupation with gaming. Do you spend most of your day thinking about the next time you get to play your video games? Do you have trouble concentrating on your everyday tasks in life because of your video game obsession? Are you planning your day around your video game sessions? If so, you could be a video game addict.
2. Increased video game sessions. Is it taking longer video game sessions to get the same satisfying results? Remember the old Guns n Roses song about heroin called ‘Mr. Brownstone”? The lyrics stated, ” I used to do a little but a little wouldn’t do so a little got more and more”. Well this is exactly what we are talking about here. If it is taking longer and longer gaming sessions to satisfy your brain and mood, then you are headed towards or might have a video game addiction.
3. Repeated and unsuccessful attempts to control your gaming. Just like any other addiction, there is always a point where no one needs to tell us that we have a problem. We just know. We usually always try to fix it ourselves and fail miserably. If you keep trying to stop or restrict your gaming, but continue to fail, you are addicted to gaming.
4. Feelings of moodiness and irritability when not gaming.  Some gamers get extremely moody and irritated when they can’t play video games or when their gaming is taken from them or restricted. And some gamers lash out if the desired results they are trying to achieve aren’t reached. If you can’t control your moods while gaming or waiting to game, then you might need professional help to control your gaming.
5. Gaming longer than intended.  Maybe you intended on gaming for thirty minutes to one hour and the next thing you know six hours have gone by and you are still sitting in front of your game. This is alarming because your brain totally hid the fact that you needed to stop and take care of life responsibilities. If you are sitting and gaming longer than you intended, your gaming is out of control and you need help controlling it.
6. Risking the loss of relationships, jobs, and health. Gamers that are addicted to gaming seem to ignore the risk of losing their jobs over obsessive gaming. At the same, gamers ignore relationship struggles caused by obsessive gaming and don’t seem bothered by the fact that their loved ones are turning away from them and their obsessive gaming. And most importantly, gamers are ignoring health risks caused by obsessive gaming. Ignoring these risks are a sure sign that you are addicted to video games.
7. Lies to loved ones, therapists, coaches, and bosses. Video game addicts, much like all addicts, lie to everyone around them to cover up their gaming addiction. They lie about how much they play. They lie about when they play.  They lie about the money spent on their gaming. These lies are told to everyone in their circle and it causes huge issues in all their relationships. If you are lying to cover up video game usage, then you have a problem.
8. Use of gaming to escape. This is a biggie, and it is very much like all addictions. Video game addicts use gaming to escape from everyday problems in their relationships and jobs. Just like with any addiction, once “the party” or gaming stops, the problems are still there and probably worse. So if you find yourself using your video games as a means for escaping your personal and professional problems, you might have a gaming addiction.
Now you have seen some of the signs that show gaming addiction. If you know someone addicted to gaming or if you yourself are a gaming addict contact us here at The Addictions Coach at or call us 24/7 at 1-800-706-0318 to get help for your gaming addiction today!
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