TODAY on The Magnificent Midlife Woman Series: Guest, Dr. Cali Estes!


Cali Estes

Today’s guest is Dr. Cali Estes, a life coach who specializes in–among other things–addiction. Cali has written a book called I Married a Junkie, which should be your first clue that she’s not just book smart, she brings real life experience to her practice.

Tune in on our chat and you’ll learn:

  • What the term “sober on demand” means
  • What to do if someone you love is an addict
  • Why treatment centers don’t work
  • What Cali herself did recently that gave her pause (hint: it had to do with Amazon)
  • A quick way to tell if you might have an addiction, whether it’s to food, alcohol, shopping or drugs
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is an author and highly sought-after addiction therapist and life/corporate coach. She specializes in harm reduction and utilizes holistic approaches to treat addiction. Dr. Cali works with individuals, treatment teams and addiction professionals looking to advance their knowledge base. Dr. Cali’s deep understanding of drug, alcohol and food addiction, including the behaviors and ramifications that are associated with it, place her at the top in the field of addiction therapy. Dr. Cali’s unique no-nonsense approach of cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology and life coaching combine to provide the perfect support for an addict.

Dr. Cali’s gift to The Magnificent Midlife Woman listeners is the first two chapters of her book I Married a Junkie.