Three Myths Keeping You From Getting More Treatment Clients. Written by Nate Smith of Admin Scout


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Three Myths Keeping You From Getting More Treatment Clients

originally published on Admin Scout July 23, 2017

Addiction treatment marketing in 2017 bears little resemblance to ten years ago. Any quick google search confirms a growing number of treatment centers have wholly embraced the web.

As a direct-response internet marketer who cut my teeth working for authors and consultants, I’m impressed with a lot that I see in treatment marketing these days.

As just one example, I used to complain up-and-down about keeping websites focused and minimal (like the world’s best startups do), but I’m seeing more-and-more treatment centers doing it right.

All-the-same, treatment-center marketing continues to lag behind the best-in-class direct-response marketers in a few key areas. The good news is, if you’re among the first to dispense with these mistakes and market your treatment center like it’s 2017, you’ll rise above the competition, even if you’re still small-and-scrappy.

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Nate Smith is a direct response marketer and founder of Admit Scout, which helps treatment centers get more patients. Nate has helped bestselling authors like Taylor Pearson and consultants like John Logar launch successful products, and his writing has been featured on and Crazy Egg.

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