Three Celebrities That You Might Not Know Are Sober



Celebrities play a major role in everything we say and do these days. Major companies hire the most influential celebrities to sponsor their products to try to increase sales through their influence and status. Celebrities are also extremely important to our youth. These powerful celebrities are looked up to by our young kids all over the world. Having said this, it then becomes extremely important that our top celebrities are clean and sober. I’m going to take a few minutes and give you three top celebrities that you might not know are sober.

1. In 1986 a young “Gutter Rock” band took over the world. They were all transplants from Indiana, Seattle and other areas of the United States and came together in Hollywood California. Of course we are talking about Guns n Roses. They were all in their 20’s and thrived off the chaos that their music and lifestyles promoted. Heroin, Cocaine and Alcohol were part of their everyday lives and it took a toll on the band. One of the heaviest partiers in the band was bassist Duff McKagen. In 1994 he almost drank himself to death. And believe it or not he has been sober since! Yes, Duff McKagen from Guns n Roses has been sober for over 20 years!
2. Let’s stay in the 80’s music scene since the era itself promoted excess in everything, especially drug and alcohol use. The next celebrity that you might not know is sober is Motley Crue bassist and main songwriter Nikki Sixx. Another musician that came from Hollywood, California was spending over one thousand dollars a week on heroin. Nikki overdosed twice, but something seemed to click after his second overdose. Nikki forced the entire band into sobriety during their late 80’s Dr. Feelgood tour and as the others relapsed one by one, Nikki stayed sober. After a minor relapse he has now been sober over 17 years . He is a strong vocal point in the fight against the deadly cycle of addiction in today’s recovery community and has written a book about his struggles.
3. So let’s round out the the celebrities that you might not know are sober with another musician. A lot of people in the recovery community claim that the next person we are going to discuss started the whole “sober celebrity musician” thing and he is one Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. Back in the early 70’s when Aerosmith were taking over the world he and guitarist Joe Perry became hardcore heroin addicts. They used to fight over who was going to get the last shot of heroin before the shows. They would literally argue over who needed it more because of sickness. What a way to get ready to step in front of thousands of people! Well, Mr. Tyler got sober in the early 80’s and has been sober ever since.  Steven Tyler has been sober over 30 years and he is very involved in the recovery community.
So we just took a look at three major musical celebrities who’s lives were at the very bottom of the deadly cycle of addiction. All three were minutes, if not seconds, from death because of their addictions, yet they turned their lives around and have influenced thousands of people to do the same. Their influence in the recovery community has far outweighed any of their musical influence and I think each one of them would tell you the same. We here at The Addictions Coach believe in positive influence when it comes to helping people get clean and sober and we work together with all celebrities who want to lend a hand in helping save lives. So if you are struggling with addiction or know someone who is, please contact us to here about our many programs that fight the deadly cycle of addiction. Visit us at Top Recovery Coaches and Life Coaching for Drug and Alcohol Addiction or by calling us at 1-800-706-0318. Call us now to change your life forever!