Three Celebrities That You Might Not Know Are Newly Clean and Sober

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Three Celebrities That You Might Not Know Are Newly Clean and Sober


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Over the past few weeks we have been talking about celebrities who are sober now and their sobriety has taken you by surprise. We talked about famous musicians with 10, 15, and 20+ years clean and sober. We discussed famous tattoo artists with over five years clean and sober. We talked about actors and actresses who have many, many years clean and sober and are giving back to the recovery community by writing books, coaching others, and raising money to help active addicts get clean and sober and stay clean and sober. So let’s try something a little different in today’s blog. Lets stay on the path of discussing famous celebrities who you might not know are clean and sober, but they are just recently clean and sober. And when we say just recently clean and sober, we mean less than one year. It seems like a lot of stars are going public with the fact they are now clean and sober so let’s look at three of these newly sober celebrities.
JASON BIGGS– Jason Biggs is best known for his hilarious role in the American Pie movies. Jason is recently clean and sober as he has been sober since October 11, 2018. He tried to get clean and sober five years ago but failed as his obsession with drugs and alcohol won the battle. He is currently making himself available to those who are struggling with relapse and other issues that addicts may come across while battling the deadly cycle of addiction.
LALA KENT-This lovely reality tv star made her name and face famous on the show Vanderpump Rules. This reality show revolves around a young group of Los Angeles restaurant workers who work in Hollywood at one of Lisa Vanderpump’s high end restaurants. These young workers become friends and relationships are born at the work place. There is a lot of drinking that goes on during these episodes and Lala was one of the heavy drinkers. Ms. Kent decided to put down the booze in October of 2018 and she has been clean and sober for almost ten months now. We wish her the best, but she may need to put some distance between herself and that group of cast mates on her reality show to remain successful.
RONNIE ORTIZ-MAGRO– We have seen so much of the next celebrity and his drinking in the reality TV show Jersey Shore. This group of friends from the Jersey shore party it up constantly for all the world to see and do not seem to think much about the consequences! It seems like these are just typical youngsters trying to find their way in life and have a great time doing so. However, having to be “on” for the cameras at all times seems to have taken its toll on a few of the cast members. Ronnie is our newest member of sobriety. He became clean and sober in January of  2019. I am extremely interested to see if he is able to stay clean and sober due to the nature of his reality tv show.
So there are three celebrities that you may be shocked are clean and sober. And all three of these celebrities are very new to sobriety. I worry about these three due to the content of their reality shows and movies where drugs and alcohol are at the forefront of the content. We here at The Addictions Coach highly recommend that they look into hiring a professional, Nationally Certified Recovery Coach or Nationally Certified Sober Coach. If you are struggling with addiction or know someone who is contact us at The Addictions Coach