The Addictions Coach

Have 12 step programs not worked for you? Would you prefer receiving an alternative to treatment and recovery management on a 1:1, discrete basis? Would you prefer to have an action plan designed to address your needs, without interrupting your busy life?

The seasoned, educated and discrete staff @ TAC offer concierge and Professional services in the behavioral health, addiction and coaching sector to individuals, families, employers, and advisers. Our areas of focus include addiction: drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, sex, computer/phone and more. We specialize in the removal of the ‘bad behaviors’ and are successful in implementing new and approved life skills and coping mechanisms within the first 30-90 days of our services.  Our platform of services is comprehensive in scope and we are able to operate as a consultant if you or a loved one need treatment options or as your direct support in coaching, counseling and behavioral modification. We even offer mobile in-home concierge services and we can travel with you as needed.

We handle unruly executives, sports players that need extra guidance, adolescents and young adults that have a failure to launch, the unhappy housewife, individuals that are ‘stuck’ or ‘bored’ with life and all those with addictions.  We tackle anger management and issues surrounding personal and professional development. At The Addictions Coach, we can help you restore your purpose and passion in life. We specialize in long-term change and increased happiness!

We invite YOU to “Unpause Your Life”.  Call Today: 1.800.706.0318 ext 1