The Top 4 Ways That Pets Help in Recovery 


The Top 4 Ways That Pets Help in Recovery


We are definitely in the age of the service animal. Think about how many times you have seen a dog on an airplane. Back in the day we would mostly see blind people with a guide dog,  but now service animals come everywhere with us.  This brings me to the important path pet or animal companionship offers during our Recovery from our addictions.  So let’s look at the Top 4 ways in which pets help in our recovery from our addictions.



1) To Teach Us Discipline–  this is almost like a reverse psychology type of thing. As we discipline our pets and teach them right from wrong, we also embed into our psychological make up how important it is to be disciplined.  Teaching discipline, preaching discipline and being disciplined ourselves is the key to achieving all the goals we set out to achieve in life.

2) To Teach is Commitment– during our drug usage and many years of making horrible decisions, one key factor to our failure is due to our lack of commitment. Once we commit to taking responsibility for our pet it is a commitment with a lot riding on it. The life of an innocent and loving animal hangs in the balance of our commitment to always caring for and loving this animal. Soon after taking on our new pet, we will learn the value of commitment and it will stay with us through our sober life.
3) To Teach Us Responsibility– this next value is one that is especially true with those of us recovering from addiction that do not have children.  And this would be the value of responsibility. Taking on the responsibility of another life, whether it is a human or an animal is a big step and a sign that our lives as recovering drug addicts are starting to take shape and be productive.  Our pets look up to us for food, shelter, companionship and love!
4) To Teach Us How To Love– and all of these above bring us to the final value in bringing on a pet during our recovery from addiction and that is learning how to love and allowing our self to be loved. A majority of people don’t look at this as a two edged sword and think that it’s all about giving love.  However, it is just as important to learn how to be loved or except love in a healthy manner. Giving and excepting love from a pet definitely teaches us the value of love and companionship.
 So as you can see, bringing a pet into our life while we are recovering from our addictions is very valuable. However, we should not try to do this too soon, as we need to make sure that we are not putting the life of an innocent animal at risk because we aren’t ready ourselves to take on the responsibility. We here at  The Addictions Coach highly recommended and support the use of pets to further our recovery and teach us things about ourselves that me might not learn without the love of a pet. Please contact Us at Top Recovery Coaches and Life Coaching for Drug and Alcohol Addiction or call us at 1-800-706-0318
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