The Power of Positivity on Your Success


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WOW!  I just read one of the most informative articles that I have ever read and I’m going to give you the option to read it for yourself at the end of this blog. The article below deals with positivity and how it affects our success level and everything we do. Quickly I will describe how our bodies are made up of positive ions and negative ions but it is ONLY the movement of the positive ions that make a difference in our lives.

There are certain types of cells in our body that create positive movement that science calls potential action. It is when your cells, the positive ones, begin talking to each other which creates movement in the body towards success. I know this may be hard to follow and I urge you to read the article below once I am done here, so that you can understand this fully.

So basically, staying positive and thinking positive will actually begin to cause the body to move into a positive realm of action. Whether this is conscious or subconscious, you are still moving in a positive direction in whatever you are doing.  This is where slogans like “Perception is Reality” and “The Power of Positive Intention” ring true!  Science is beginning to prove that we actually can produce success with positivity!

Now of course we have to do the legwork once we set our positive minds in motion, but we can begin the positive process by just focusing on positive things and positive actions.  You will also read in this blog that the negative cells or ions in our body do nothing for us in a positive manner. So slogans like “A Negative Mind is a Waste of Time” and “Negativity Will Hold You back” also ring true.  So it really does have so much to do with the strength of your mind and the ability to keep yourself in a positive mind frame no matter what the circumstances may be around you.

I want to use a professional companion and her situation as an example for this very same situation.  There is a woman in the addictions industry who has done so much for the industry itself, with her cutting edge new approach to addiction related methods, and she has also done so much for her clients personally. She is basically on top of her game in the industry and it’s a direct result of her having an overwhelming strength and desire to stay positive no matter what. When this woman came into the addictions industry she was basically the only woman in a male-dominated industry. She had constant “haters” who attacked her and her husband both privately and professionally, but she stayed in a positive mindset continuing to focus her positive energy on helping those in need. She even teamed up with her husband and took all the negative and nasty things that her competitors were saying about her and her husband and wrote an inspiring book called ” I Married A Junkie” to help others stay positive and keep moving in a healthy and positive direction NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES MAY BE.

I bring this woman up to show you that she had every reason to be negative and shut herself and her company down. People were making up lies and posting them all over social media, people were contacting her clients and students begging them to stop using this woman’s services and people were trying to ruin her on a daily basis. BUT through all of the hate, through all of the jealousy and through all of the madness this woman was able to stay completely focused on POSITIVITY!  She focused on what she could do to help her students and her clients in a positive way. And guess what has happened. This woman is, hands down, one of the most successful people in the addictions industry to date. And this woman is Dr. Cali Estes, founder and creator of The Addictions Academy and The Addictions Coach. She is a prime example of how someone can overcome so much and gain success at the HIGHEST level by remaining positive and using positivity to gain success. You can find out about Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach and The Addictions Academy by going to or by calling 1-800-706-0318. Contact us today for any of your addiction related needs.

Please click on the link below to read more on positivity  and how it contributes to our success.     At A Cellular Level, Every Single Human Depends On Positivity To Survive