The Honest Uproar Podcast Welcomes Guest Firecracker: Cali Estes, PhD.


Dr. Cali Estes shares her experience as a childless woman that has excelled at her career and offers advice for other entrepreneur women that want to excel at their career and less at being the 50’s housewife.



Dr. Estes is a seasoned addictions coach and addictions professional. She has over 23 years’ experience working with drug, alcohol and food addictions. Her deep understanding of drug and alcohol addiction, including the behaviors and ramifications that are associated with it, place her top in her field of addiction therapy and addiction coaching. Her unique no nonsense approach of cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, addiction coaching, and life coaching combine to provide the perfect support for an addicted person. Cali’s background in food addictions and the emotional and physical tolls it takes on one’s psyche and physical well being is unique. Simply Put: She gets RESULTS.