The Addictions Coach: Four Coping Issues of Most Addicts

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The Addictions Coach: Four Coping Issues of Most Addicts


Not being able to cope with life’s problems is one of the biggest contributing factors to active addiction. Addicts tend to numb out with drugs and alcohol because they have zero coping skills. These coping skills need to be learned or taught over time and if they aren’t, the addict will be set up for a lifetime of troubles. So let’s take a few moments and go over some of the most common coping skills that addicts don’t have.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS-addicts are not great at communication. They don’t know how to ask for things, talk about issues in their lives, or communicate when life is getting tough. Learning to communicate properly is one of the keys to beating addiction.
SHOWING PROPER EMOTION-during active addiction we tend to manipulate most of life’s situations to get what we want. This causes us to not be true when showing emotion. Emotion is how we show how we actually feel about things and we need to be as honest as possible when showing emotion. Certain drugs hijack our brains to the point where we can’t show emotion, so getting clean and sober is a must to get our emotions back in line.
DEALING WITH STRESS-addicts absolutely can not deal with stressful situations. We tend to bury our heads in the sand and pretend like stress doesn’t exist. We also numb out with drugs and alcohol during stressful times which only makes the situation worse. We have to learn to deal with the stress that life throws our way if we want to remain clean and sober.
BEATING BOREDOM– boredom is a huge contributing factor with addiction. Recovering addicts sometimes feel like they need to stay busy or they start thinking about ways to occupy their minds and if they aren’t firmly rooted in their sobriety they can easily fall back into active addiction.
You can see there are quite a few coping skills in which we addicts are lacking. At The Addictions Coach, we have many recovery based programs that teach you how to cope with life’s negative issues. Head over to our website at Top Recovery Coaches and Life Coaching for Drug and Alcohol Addiction or call us at 1-800-706-0318 to get information on all of our programs today!