The Addictions Coach: Could Strength Training Reduce Heroin Use?

The Addictions Coach: Could Strength Training Reduce Heroin Use?


Private recovery coaching focuses on forward, positive motion and does not dwell on your past issues and traumas, whereas therapy and counseling go back into your past to confront past issues that have not been handled. Recovery coaching professionals are able to delve into the current and existing issues that are holding you back in life and help you move forward, addiction free!  We offer many different ways to keep you on track with your sobriety.

We have found fitness and exercise to be a beneficial addition in our recovery programs and help our clients find their favorite ways to stay active! 

In our individualized programs, we create the perfect blend of guidance, information, and accountability, all of which are molded into a custom program for each client.   

Read on for an informative article from PSYPOST on this topic!


Strength training reduces heroin use by altering key neurological system, study finds

Strength training may reduce substance abuse. A new study published in Psychopharmacology has found evidence that resistance exercise reduces the reinforcing effects of heroin in a rat model of addiction.

“Scientists and clinicians have recently developed an interest in examining the ability of exercise to reduce drug abuse and prevent relapse. Over the past several years, several preclinical laboratories have shown that aerobic forms of exercise (e.g., running) decreases the intake of alcohol, nicotine, opioids, and stimulants in laboratory rats,” explained study author Mark Smith, a psychology professor at Davidson College.

“Moreover, a small number of clinical studies have reported that aerobic exercise can reduce the likelihood of relapse after treatment. We were interested in whether resistance exercise (i.e., strength training) also reduces drug intake, and if so, what are the neurobiological mechanisms that made mediate those effects.”

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