The Addictions Coach Brings Treatment to You with Their Sober On Demand Program



Too many times we see active drug users pass up on the help they so desperately need because they fear losing everything. Maybe it’s the fear of a boss finding out about their condition and firing them that keeps them from help. Maybe it’s the fear of having to enter a residential rehabilitation facility and being separated from their family and loved ones for months at a time that stops them before they get help with their addiction. With that separation may come anxiety of not working to keep food on the table and keeping the lights on.

All of these viable factors weigh heavily on the hearts of struggling drug addicts everywhere and keep them on a direct path with trouble and possible death.  So we here at 1-800-706-0318 have created a highly successful program that alleviates these stressors.

It’s called the Sober On Demand program. Sober on Demand is where a nationally certified sober coach brings the rehab to the addict, while allowing the addict to stay home with their loved ones and continue to work. Whether the argument is it’s “self inflicted” or not, hasn’t the addict lost enough in this cycle of addiction? Why must he or she lose what little they have left to gain sobriety? Well with the Sober on Demand program they won’t. The Addictions Coach will send the top certified sober coach to the addict to mold and create a program that best gives he or she the most effective path to sobriety and maintenance. Call The Addictions Coach today to enroll in the Sober on Demand program and start working on a clean and sober life now!