The Addictions Academy: OUR WEEKLY WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT GROUP, Tuesday, May 19th. Topic is Humility.

A LIVE 12 Week Webinar.  
Let’s talk over the next 12 Weeks, once a week for 1 hour. Here is your chance to share, ask, and learn how to live and enjoy life, sober!
Let’s get honest and real as we will talk about relationships, children, work, sex and finances. And that is just a few of the topics we will be discussing. If you are searching for a group that you can be yourself with, this weekly webinar is it.  In the comfort of your own home or office we will be LIVE for the full hour while we are sharing experience, strength and hope.
~~ None are so empty as those who are full of themselves. ~Benjamin Whichcote~~
When I share my testimony, it gets easier to speak and I feel myself just overwhelmed with gratitude and humility in knowing where I used to be,  and where I am here in the now, in this life!
I have said and will continue to tell anyone who will listen until I die that I prayed to The Lord and told him if he could possibly get me out of this mess of a life I had made that landed me here, that I would promise to share how my FAITH in him is what keeps me SOBER in life!  I truly can say that if it were not because of my grateful and humble spirit that I cast daily, I couldn’t be the person I am today.
I was at one time in my life and throughout my addiction a very hateful person with a grandiose mindset. I look back and try to figure out how the heck I became that person, or where I even thought I had the right to think for one split second that I was better than anyone around me.  Well, now being sober, the answer comes very quickly.   In addiction, we focus on only 1, that is ourselves, me, myself and yes, I.
It’s all about when I am going to get high, get myself taken care of, and get me a drink, smoke and a line. If you have ever struggled with addiction, does the following questions and answers seem familiar?
~~ What is that “I” hear?  Oh, my children needing something, oh they can handle it, let “me” just give them some money to take care of things; what? Who is on the phone? My Family?  No,” I” can’t make the get together maybe “I” will see you next week. Why?  Umm, because “I’m” busy (getting and staying high) When?  Oh yes, “I” will be there “my” friend (who “I” get high with). ~~
These are some examples that when in life, when I was in my selfish addiction, unless the situation ONLY benefited me, then I wasn’t interested in being a part of it.  Sick!  Very, very sick.  Now, a humble spirit needs to be something I believe everyone should seek, not just those of us who struggle with addiction.  When I re-read this quote it makes so much sense to me.
IF we are only worried and concerned about ourselves, WE have NO room in our heart and souls to even consider thinking, caring or capable of loving others. For some who teeter the fence in their struggle with addiction, they temporarily lead others to believe (usually the family and friends) that they love them and are sorry and won’t ever do it again.
Listen up all my enablers…..I know that you love and cherish your family or friend that struggles with addiction….  BUT. Until that person can love themselves clean and sober, they will never have room to love you or anyone else. I know that may be hard for you to swallow. They may tell you from their manipulative mouth to please get them out of whatever “pinch” they may be in…DON’T!  Let them accept the consequences from their possible criminal actions that have landed them where they may be right now, let go and allow GOD to work in their life.
In recovery, our mind, body and souls open up a little more every day while we learn to love, trust and care again actually for ourselves. You know when we as addicts are in our addiction we only think about ourselves. Yet, in recovery, we are told to think about ourselves. It’s a different kind of selfish thought, if that can make sense to you. It is different because we are humbly accepting our responsibility for our poor choices so that only we can make things right.  We have to love our self to forgive our self so we can love and forgive others.
 Open your minds today and realize that for all of us to have a healthy thought process it will begin with gratitude in the simple fact you woke up, and humility in knowing that it isn’t all about you, but about those that you are capable of loving and who love and care about you back!