The Addictions Academy: IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO REGISTER! 3 Day Training Intensive LIVE in Colorado! Recovery Coaching Certification and Intervention Training

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The Addictions Academy:  3 Day Training Intensive in Colorado to include Recovery Coaching Certification and Intervention Training at CoreVision.   Details or to Register, go to  or call 1.800.706.0318

The Addictions Academy offers training at CoreVision Treatment in Colorado

3 Day Training Intensive in Colorado to include Recovery Coaching Certification and Intervention Training at CoreVision

PRLogJune 27, 2015MIAMI
The Addictions Academy announced that they will be offering their signature Nationally Certified Recovery Coach Level I Training and National Intervention Professional Training in a 3 Day Intensive hosted by CoreVision IOP in Colorado.

The event runs July 11-13 2015 in downtown Colorado Springs. The Addictions Academy will offer a 3 day intensive training that covers the art of recovery coaching the individual in addiction and incudes drugs alcohol and gambling addictions. The intervention portion covers both surprise methods of intervention and invitational methods of intervention with focus on the opiate and heroin population.  All materials, documents, legal and ethical needs are covered for you to start your own business and begin brining in clients.

“Our Intervention training is like no other on the market. We offer a proven process that teaches our students how to do intervention in under 8 hours,” Cali Estes, CEO said. “We don’t believe in long drawn out interventions with the family that end up focusing on other issues within the family system. We do not think there should be a nine month process to get someone into treatment and we also teach multiple ways to help the client. We want our students to succeed in each case to the best of their abilities.”

The Addictions Academy offers a unique intervention strategy that focuses on the client and the process of using body language and overcoming objections to get the client into treatment. They have coined it the RAAD model and it is especially effective with the opiate population. Therapists, doctors, those in recovery, moms of addicts, and others wanting to learn how to get someone into treatment have taken their classes.

The Recovery Coaching Class and Certification Level I covers how to coach a client using the core competencies coaching system, employing life skills, coping skills, activities to get the client out of their comfort zone, stress reduction and more. The class also includes all the documents to get a business started, including contracts, HIPAA forms, and marketing and banding to grow your client base.

Designed for therapists that want to take on new clients and branch out into the coaching world and also for those in recovery that want a new career or to simply give back, the courses at The Addictions Academy meet that demand.  .

“People are calling themselves Recovery Coaches, Sober Coaches and Interventionists with little or no training in this industry,” Cali Estes, CEO said.  “The community demanded a new way of standardization and product definition and we stepped up to meet that demand. States are requiring a National Certification and proof that you can offer the services you are charging for and we have been awarded the ability to provide that.”

The location is CoreVision, run by CEO Nathan Hardage. Nathan lost an opportunity to play pro football by using drugs and he has founded The Drug Recovery Network and CoreVision to assist others in getting and staying sober. The location is Colorado Springs and both The Addictions Academy and Core Vision would love to have you out for the classes.

“CoreVision   provides addiction treatment and care while acknowledging the fact that our clients need more than just treatment, but a complete life change,” Nathan Hardage CEO said. “Therefore we must meet them where they are and truly walk beside them through their life transition. We work on the mind, body and spirit.

Call Cali Estes or Nathan Hardage at 1.800.706.0318 to schedule your tour and training today.

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