Addiction Coaching Classes

Addiction Coaching Classes Ask The Expert: Question:  I am looking to learn more about addiction coaching and assist my clients with addiction issues.  What classes do you have for addiction coaching? Answer:  Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach says:  At the Addictions Academy we offer a plethora of addiction coaching classes for the professional to expand […]

Is My Child Using Drugs?

Is my child using drugs? Ask The Expert:  “How can I tell if my son is using drugs?  His behavior has changed.   He always wants to argue with me and beg for money, even though I give him over $200 a week.  I asked him to take one of those home drug tests that I bought for […]

Vegas. Sex, Drugs and Recovery Coaching Certification?

RECOVERY COACHING CERTIFICATION AND INTERVENTION CERTIFICATION  AND 3 DAYS IN VEGAS !!!! Tired of not making enough money and want to branch out on your own?  Learn to become a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach, Nationally Certified Interventionist or Family Coach, and gain more cash pay clients.  Making the transition from Insurance accepting therapist to Recovery Coach will assist […]