Los Angeles Sober Coach: There’s a New Modality in the Treatment World. What is MOBILE REHAB?

Los Angeles Sober Coach: There’s a New Modality in the Treatment World. What is MOBILE REHAB?    1.800.706.0318


Where do the rich and famous go when they need help with addiction? How do they protect their privacy and their reputations? If they go to any traditional treatment center, they will be in the news within minutes! What options do they have? The truth is that until now, they haven’t had many options at all.


There IS a new and exciting OPTION for those who:

Need to protect their good name

Can’t go away from work for months

Are famous and need to stay private

Are Presidents and CEOs of large Corporations

Are public personalities that need to protect their reputations

Are Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Pilots and high-profile people

Want a private way to recover in total confidentiality


What is all this NEW EXCITEMENT about?

It’s called “MOBILE REHAB!” The company brings the treatment center to the client! Wow, what a concept! The mobile rehab comes with everything from at-home detoxification, therapy, several recovery modalities, Nationally certified recovery coaches, sober companions, interventionists, anger management practitioners, case managers, domestic violence advocates, family recovery coaches, gambling addiction coaches, sexual addiction coaches, addiction counselors, and everything a person suffering from addiction will need to recover from addiction.

Clients can still continue to run their companies, stay on set, keep their commitments, and not interrupt their busy schedules at all. The mobile rehab team works around the client’s schedule. The team will help the client get through tough engagements clean and sober. This is very exciting news!

Does this new and exciting modality really work?

To date, the results have been outstanding! Testimonies from clients have been very positive, showing lasting sobriety and clean time. Clients are thrilled about the privacy and the confidentiality. The Mobile Rehab Team is all sworn to protect the identity of all of their clients. The team leader told me that they have had one hundred percent satisfaction in the past year. That’s a good track record for any new modality as a start up.

Exactly how expensive is this new modality?

Surprisingly the Mobile Rehab is quite affordable! Depending on which of the services a client chooses to utilize during their treatment, the cost will vary. Mobile Rehab is actually less expensive than most traditional treatment programs around the country. The bottom line is that this new and exciting modality is affordable for most clients.

Where does this concept come from?

Whenever there is a need for something, new ideas come from creative minds. There is a movement in the recovery world for a la carte treatment; where each need is met separately. This is the same concept delivered to the client’s doorstep, movie set, office, or wherever they would like. Most people don’t know about this modality as of yet. The news is travelling fast!

A testimony from a World Champion athlete from three months ago: “I think Mobile Rehab is fantastic, the team provides the client with everything that they need to recover and there are no press leaks to worry about!”

How do potential clients find a mobile rehab?

The best way to find a mobile rehab is to Google it on the internet. This is a fast pace and growing industry. The a la carte treatment concept has been around for quite a while. Expect to see many mobile rehabs in the near future. Buyers beware! Make sure you find the real deal! If you want real treatment and identity protection, then you need to find a good mobile rehab, not just some copycat company.

There is a major paradigm shift coming to the treatment world

Treatment as we know it will never be the same. We have so many creative and talented professionals in the treatment field today. It’s an exciting time to work in the recovery field; with all the new changes and new modalities there is more hope for saving lives than ever before in our history. A modality like Mobile Rehab is just one example of the many new and exciting changes in the treatment of addiction. Saving lives one day at a time, one person at a time, that’s progress!

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Recovery Coaching Certification for Professionals.

Professional Coaching is Not Peer Coaching!  SAY WHAT?????

Recovery Coaching for professionals.

I have no choice but to believe that successful people think and take action in different ways then other people do.  I believe that people solve problems in different ways.  There are many factors for a person to take into consideration when problem solving: worldview, culture, religion, education, training, peers, intelligence, attitude, patience, and perspective, among many other less remarkable qualities of a person.
Perhaps that’s one reason why people learn in so many different ways. For example, some people are visual learners; some are touch or experience learners.  They are three very different types of students of life.
If a person can’t solve a problem in their life, they indeed have a serious problem. We will assume that the person has tried every method that they know of to try and solve as stated problem. The person realizes that they need some type of external assistance if this problem is ever to be solved.  That takes a reasonable amount of intelligence; for a person to realize their own limitations.  It’s time to reach out!  The dilemma is where or who should they turn to?

The answer comes like lightning in comparison to their last problem.
This is exactly why professional coaching has become such a thriving field.  Everyone needs a little help now and then.  A good professional coach will look at a situation like this one and know without a doubt that there’s a solution for this problem.  The coach will automatically know that the person or client has tried everything that they could think of to solve the problem prior to calling for assistance. A good coach never underestimates the capabilities of the client.
Now it’s time for the coach to do what professional coaches do best, coach!
The coach sets the coaching foundation by establishing trust and ethical standards, establishing an agreement, and co-creating a relationship with the client and establishing an intimate coaching presence.  The coach then opens his tool bag and takes out active listening, powerful questions, paraphrasing, and direct communication.   The coach is a master of body language, tones, and inflections listening for what the client says and doesn’t say. Then the coach is creating awareness, designing actions, planning and goal setting, managing progress and accountability.  The coach uses intuition, using all their senses, taking everything into account.  Certified Recovery Coaches must consider that clients are experts in their own fields.  Recovery Coaches need to be sharp and aware of traps and pitfalls that will block them from success.  In the client’s mind, the goal is not reachable.
The coach knows that if the client has a clear goal, and works a solid action plan, but still has no solution, then there’s a perspective problem.  The coach will help the client work through their block to solution.  They celebrate every victory along the way!  That’s why the coach can’t look at the problem in the same way as the client.  A problem that can’t find a solution has a definition problem!  Obviously the coach doesn’t want to use the same process that the client used.  Through powerful questioning, the coach will help the client to see the problem in a new way.  If the coach continues to listen to the client’s original perspective, the coach can get caught up in the client’s emotions, feelings, and problem thinking.
Every problem has a solution because the problem defines the solution.  Sometimes it’s hard to see!  We all need a little help at times.  Professional Recovery Coaches help us to see through the perspective problem and reach the solution that we knew was there all along!  Coach and client, two successful people working together to reach solutions in new ways.

The natural laws of cause and effect will allow the coach to go deeper in their questions only if the client is at “cause.” At cause the client is taking responsibility for their actions.  At “effect” the client is still blaming the problem on external factors.  The coach knows that the client’s limited beliefs don’t serve them very well.  The coach will need to move the client to a belief that is much more resourceful. If the answer is outside of the client, they think that the problem is happening to them. They are powerless to change.  At cause, the coach can question much deeper and the client has the power to change.

The Recovery Coach must be flexible through the process.  The entire process is client and goal driven.

The action plan must be very specific, with target dates and follow up dates.  The coach holds the client accountable through the process.  The coach is the alpha, even though the process is all about the client.

These well trained professional coaches help save careers, companies, projects, and sometimes even lives!  Don’t be confused, these are not peer recovery  coaches, these are Professional Recovery Coaches!  There are many niches within the field of professional coaching: life coaches, executive coaches, career coaches, recovery coaches, fitness coaches, financial coaches, relationship coaches, Christian coaches, and many more specializations.  There are certified master coaches that go through a rigorous training and certification process.  There are also some Colleges, Universities, Academies, and Seminaries offering degrees in the art of coaching. Professional Recovery Coaching.

The Addictions Academy and their faculty offer Professional Recovery Coaching, not peer to peer. Get Certified and Credentialed today. Call 1.800.706.0318

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Cali Estes: Why are we as humans attracted to people that are wrong for us? Is it an addiction or fascination?


Cali Estes: Why are we as humans attracted to people that are wrong for us?  Is it an addiction or fascination?  Interesting read!  Cali Estes The Addictions Coach 1.800.706.0318

Why We’re Attracted To People Who Are Wrong For Us


by Shelly Bullard

I’m asked this question all the time: “Why am I attracted to people who are wrong for me?” And the answer is quite simple, actually:

Because your wounded self is doing the attracting.

Now, I know the term “wounded self” can sound a little intense, so let me explain. We all have two selves: the “little self” (or the wounded self, the ego) and the “Spiritual Self” (the higher self, adult self, or soul).

The wounded self is the part of you that feels incomplete. It questions your worth and value; it doesn’t feel whole, or it feels flawed in some way. My wounded self is the “little me” who wonders if I’m truly lovable.

On the other hand, we also have a Spiritual Self. This is your higher self, your soul. It’s the part of you that’s connected to love, truth, wisdom and peace within. Your Spiritual Self knows, without a doubt, how lovable and valuable you are. In many ways, it’s the opposite of the ego.

At any given time, we are operating from one of these two selves. Many of us, unfortunately, operate from the viewpoint of the ego most of the time. That is, we believe we’re insignificant and powerless in some way, and we’re trying to make up for this lack.

The ego looks for things on the outside to find validation and completion. It believes once it gets more (money, a better partner, a better job, a better house, more vacations, etc…) it will finally be happy.

But … it’s never happy. Not for long, anyway. Because the ego’s very nature is to feel incomplete. Therefore when you live through the perspective of your ego, you’re destined to feel like something’s missing. Life through this lens is not very fun.

The ego gets highly activated when it comes to romantic relationships, because relationships are where we hold the most wounding.

We’ve all felt disappointed or hurt by a relationship in the past; we carry the memory of this wound into adulthood (sometimes unconsciously). If a wound from childhood is still active within you, you’ll attract people who are going to highlight the same feeling. For example, if your wounding is centered around feeling rejected or unseen, it’s likely that you’ll feel a similar way in your relationships as an adult.

Your unconscious is programmed to attract people who activate your wounds. The reason for this is so you’ll grow.

This is a frustrating part of the growth process! But think of it this way: You’re replaying your wounds so you can finally heal them. We cannot heal anything we don’t feel or see; we can’t heal things that are unconscious! The uncomfortable feeling has to come to the surface for you to grow beyond it.

And how do you grow beyond it?

By identifying with your higher self.

Remember, your higher self is the part of you that knows the truth about you. It knows that you are worthy, amazing, capable, and powerful. Through the lens of the higher self, you are whole. Yes, you’re an imperfect human with flaws; but the larger truth is: you’re a soul.

You’re beautiful.
You’re important.
You’re special.
You’re love.

This is what the higher self knows about you — and it wants you to know it, too.

By identifying with your higher self (the love within you), your compulsion to play out wounds with other people dissipates and in some cases, disappears.

When you wake up to the higher self’s truth, you suddenly realize that the “wrong” people were just teachers to nudge you into the “right”state-of-mind; a state-of-mind that does not question your value or worth. Unfortunately, nothing inspires us to grow more than a broken heart.

Your higher self wants you to identify with it; it wants you to own who you really are. Reclaim the love within you, and you’ll heal your relationships from the inside-out.

Gambling Addiction? Woman has to gamble so badly, she leaves a 5-year-old in a freezing car.

Gambling addiction? Woman has to gamble so badly, she leaves a 5-year-old in a freezing car. Gambling addiction coaching is needed here! Cali Estes The Addictions Coach. 1.800.706.0318

Woman leaves granddaughter in unheated car to gamble at casino


SOUTH OZONE PARK, Queens (PIX11) — A 56-year-old Brooklyn woman was arrested Saturday for leaving her 5-year-old granddaughter in a car with no heat so she could gamble at a casino in Queens, according to police.

At first, Renee Osby tried to bring the little girl into the Resorts World Casino in South Ozone Park, but she was turned away because the casino does not allow children inside, police said.

Security guards who’d seen Osby earlier with her granddaughter became suspicious when they spotted her alone inside the casino. After searching for her car, they found the girl trapped inside the unheated car around 11 a.m., while temperatures outside were just below freezing.

When Osby returned to her car about an hour later, she claimed she went inside to cash a check, but police placed her playing the slot machines.

The little girl was released to her mother Saturday afternoon, according to police. Osby was charged with acting in a manner injurious to a child.

Athlete Drug Addiction: Sports Sober Coach: Adderall causing a ruckus in the NFL

Athlete Drug Addiction: Sports Sober Coach: Adderall causing a ruckus in the NFL because it is being handed out like candy for more wins and better performance. Call us at 1.800.706.0318

We handle sports sober coaching on and off the field.

Adderall and its popularity among players has been an issue in the NFL during recent years. In the last 20 months, more than a dozen players have been suspended for using Adderall or Ritalin, which are regularly prescribed for attention deficit disorder.

The drug even has been mentioned in HGH talks between the NFL and the Players Association, with the league proposing to ease restrictions on Adderall use.

The Denver Post examined the use of Adderall in the NFL as well as other pro sports leagues.

In 2012, the NFL handed out suspensions to 19 players for a violation of the league’s substance-abuse policy; in eight of those, the player was linked to Adderall or publicly blamed it for a failed test. That number was more than double from 2011, when seven players had drug-related suspensions, one of which was linked to Adderall. One suspended player has been linked to Adderall in 2013: Seahawks defensive end Bruce Irvin.

Adderall is known as a popular study drug among college students, and that trend has leaked into the realm of professional sports. It is classified by the NFL as a performance-enhancing drug and as a drug of abuse. Discipline depends on which policy a player is being tested under. Adderall also is banned by Major League Baseball, the NBA, Major League Soccer, the NCAA and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, which regulates Olympic sports.

The national prevalence of ADHD in adults is about 4 percent, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. The number of exemptions granted by the NFL is confidential, but MLB granted 116 exemptions in the 2012 season, meaning about 9 percent of baseball had the exemption.

The report reminded readers that many NFL players reportedly use Adderall as a cover-up for other drugs. That’s because the NFL drug policy doesn’t allow the league to say which drug caused a player to fail a test.

Although he’s not able to discuss specific cases, Adolpho Birch, NFL senior vice president of labor law and policy, said the league saw an uptick in positive amphetamine tests during the 2012 season. The test doesn’t distinguish between Adderall and other amphetamines. The NFL would like to be able to publicly announce the causes of failed tests but hasn’t gained that concession from the players association.

“We’re hopeful that we will be able to get to a point that we are able to do that, because we do feel that it has an educational and awareness effect,” Birch said.

Many players still claim they didn’t know Adderall was banned, said Denver Broncos linebacker Wesley Woodyard.

“I get an e-mail probably once a week or so (from the NFL) of a new drug or a new supplement that’s banned,” Woodyard said. “You’ve just got to stay on top of it. There’s a lot of stuff we really don’t know about, but that’s why you’ve got to use your resources.”

Broncos rookie wide receiver Tavarres King said he had teammates at Georgia who were prescribed Adderall, though he didn’t know of any issues with misuse. NFL rookies are required to attend meetings that explain the drug policy.

“The biggest thing they talk about in meetings is to know what’s going in your body,” King said. “If somebody’s doing that, they know what they’re doing.”

Yet Birch said he reminds players that ignorance is no excuse. All drugs must be checked by a team’s medical personnel before they are ingested.

“The key to understanding is to make sure people know they’ve got to get these things checked out and approved,” Birch said. “That’s a message we have to say constantly. There’s not much more that we can do, but you do have to be consistent with messaging.

Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach featured in the book “DO NO HARM Transforming Addictions”

Cali Estes The Addictions Coach featured in the book Do No Harm. Cali Estes was interviewed for her extensive work with both drugs and alcohol addictions and food addictions. Click below to order the book.

do no harmDo no harm


The Addictions Academy: Casting Call For Course Teachers


The Addictions Academy: Casting Call For Course Teachers
We are looking for:

At The Addictions Academy we are ever-expanding and growing with our National Education Classes and our new International programs.
We are looking for the TOP teachers with unique class formats. If you are already teaching and would like to add more classes or revenue, contact us. If you have an idea, book or manual and have not taught yet, please contact us, as we are looking to add more classes and courses immediately.

Also looking for staff to run groups online via webinar for various modalities. Please send resume, credentials, what class you would like to teach and what materials (book, handouts etc.) that you would be using (we prefer manual or published book). WE ARE interest in DOT SAP classes, counseling classes, medical classes etc.


Please note we are NOT looking for teachers for existing classes, we are content with our staff.

Send info to
View us here:


Did you miss the biggest Addiction Marketing and Networking Symposium on the East Coast this week?

Did you miss the biggest Addiction Marketing and Networking Symposium on the East Coast this week? Here is some of the positive feedback we received. Thank you, South Florida! 

         —Cali Estes and Charles Davis 



I would like to thank you for the wonderful and enjoyable Branding Your Organization Better Conference. It was very nice to talk to you personally. I made many new contacts and talked with so many wonderful people. It was such a success.

Dr. Bill Tollefson President and CEO Tollefson Enterprises, LLC – Life Post Trauma & Addiction Recovery Coaching Practice, Cape Coral, FL


Thank you for an amazing time Charles. Incredible how smoothly the event ran. That’s a clear sign that GOD has his hand on you and your business.

-Don Wright CEO Toxicology Lab Consultant

Unlike the other regular networking events, You raised the bar on quality Education and Networking events for Addiction Professionals. ALL the exhibitors connected on a genuine level. Everyone felt this was on an entire new level, The exhibitor area had a steady stream of heavy traffic thought out the day. OUTSTANDING event.

Charles made me feel extremely comfortable during my NAADAC CEU presentation and provided the ideal combination of individuals and organizations that formed bonds instantly.

-Dani La Barrie, LCSW, CAP, Clinical Director Peace of Mind Counseling, NAADAC CEU Present at Addiction VIP Education and Networking Symposium

For those who were fortunate to attend the Addiction & Networking Symposium today you were treated to an awesome event in a great venue. The speakers were excellent and helpful to those in the treatment community! I, as a recovering Physician, was enormously impressed by the dedication and hard work (sometime at long hours of the night and morning) of Cali Estes and Charles Davis!! Kudos and congratulations to them for an outstanding example of this process of helping others through their work and perseverance! I was so delighted by their positive approach to this pandemic of addiction! Again, thanks for your work to accomplish a great event! Sincerely yours,

– R.David Allara, M. D. Director of UR Management & Intakes: Medical & Clinical Liaison;Assistant Operations Manager

Feeling blessed! Great two days in West Palm BEACH at the VIP Addictions Symposium on behalf of my company North Star Health Systems. Thanks Cali Estes and Charles Davis for a great event.

-Jim Greene Program Director North Star Behavioral Health

Charles, I heard that your event was GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT!!! I am sure you are exhausted – what an event!! Sorry that I could not go but I was glad that you allowed Wayside to have a booth.  Thank you so much!

-Ann Weinwurm, MPH Director of Development Wayside House

An impressive event, I got 4 clients! Great job!

-Rob Murphy Managing Partner at Valeo Resources


Sherry told me the event was great

-Michelle Jones MSW Millennium Labs
Fantastic job !!! Looking forward to the next one .

-Francine Valentine Nurse Liaison Woman’s wellness institute



Thank you for organizing the symposium, Charles. I had an awesome experience and learned so much. You brought a wonderful group of people together. Have a blessed day. -Derek Dorado, Sr. Account Manager AZZLY


You are one amazing person….a huge hug from all of us at TAM

Barbara Theodosiou, Founder of The Addicts Mom


Both events were Awesome!! I can’t wait until your next event! Congrats Charles!

-Harvey Johnson, Executive Recruiter for Addiction Professionals

Thank you so much for the event and the laptop. That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, Cali Estes. Thanks again it was a great day! Deb Perkins, CEO Acme Transition House for Women

It was very nice to meet you yesterday. I enjoyed the symposium and made several new contacts thanks to YOU! Stacey O’Connell Port St Lucie Hospital

It was a pleasure to finally meet you!  When I shared my story of meeting you on Wednesday, my business partner Denise literally exclaimed Awesome, Cali is PLUGGED IN!  I look forward to seeing you in the future at another industry or social event.Additionally, if I may ever assist you in any way, feel free to contact me.  I pride myself in being helpful and assisting others. Eric P. Yorlano  CEO Integrity Billing Company

First I’d like to tell you I am glad I could help with the Symposium. I hope the evening Gala was a great as the events of the day. You must be exhausted, but I also imagine you are thrilled with the turn out! The comments were all positive! Debra Alessandra Author 12 steps 12 stories






Sober Coach: The story goes like this: A drug addict buys a gun and sells it for drugs, the gun is then used in a major crime…

Sober Coach: The story goes like this: A drug addict buys a gun and sells it for drugs, the gun is then used in a major crime. Does putting her behind bars for 5-10 years for selling the gun illegally, solve her drug addiction? What are your thoughts? Cali Estes of The Addictions Coach asks your opinion:



Ashly Judge

Ashly Judge, of Conshohocken, was found guilty following a jury trial in October of conspiracy and two counts each of illegally transferring handguns and making materially false statements on forms for firearm purchases that she made on June 27 and July 20 of 2013.

She was the second woman in Delaware County to receive the new mandatory minimum for illegal gun transfers under the Brad Fox Law, named for a Plymouth Township police officer who was killed by a man wielding an illegally obtained handgun.

That gun [that Judge purchased] was delivered to “L” just a few blocks from the store, where he was waiting at his car, according to Judge’s statement. On July 20, Judge purchased a 9 mm Walther handgun from Miller’s Gun Shop in Linwood, which she also delivered to “L” at his home in Delaware, according to the statement.

Judge said “L” paid her $150 for the first gun purchase and $250 for the second. She needed the money to buy Percocet and diapers, according to the statement.

Read full article below:

New York Sober Coach: Another Trust Fund Baby Gone Awry

New York Sober Coach:  another trust fund baby gone awry.  An allowance at age 30 for someone who has no job? Apartment paid for with no responsibilities or consequences?  Throw that in with an ego fueled by outsiders calling him a ‘gorgeous loner’ and I bet we find some mental health issues and you have the perfect unruly, angry, ungrateful adult baby-child. We get calls all the time from parents wondering why their kids are running amuck, and this is a great example of no expectations leading to failure. We are at 1.800.706.0318


Son Charged With Killing Hedge Fund Dad Described As “Gorgeous Loner”

The privileged 30-year-old son of a hedge fund founder has been charged with murder in the fatal shooting of his father. Thomas Gilbert, Jr. was also charged with criminal possession of a weapon plus forgery, after police “recovered a skimming device and 21 blank credit cards” from his Chelsea apartment.

Thomas Gilbert Sr., 70, was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head in his Midtown Manhattan apartment on Sunday afternoon. His son had been visiting his parents’ home and had asked his mother to buy him a sandwich. During her absence, Gilbert allegedly shot his father before fleeing. Gilbert, Sr.’s body was found by his wife.

The police said that Shelley Gilbert “had a bad feeling and decided to return” after 15 minutes—but it was too late. The gun was left at the scene, with his father’s left hand over it. “The gun laying where it was didn’t seem like a self-inflicted wound as we’ve had in the past,” said NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce.

Police arrested Gilbert, who had been barricaded in his apartment on West 18th Street. From the Post:

Cops found the gun’s case — along with two clips and numerous loose rounds — in Gilbert Jr.’s apartment at 350 W. 18th St. after busting him there at about 11 p.m. Sunday, sources said.Police were trying to determine if he bought the weapon legally.

After the killing, Gilbert watched TV in his pad, law enforcement sources said.

The son may have been planning a getaway. An open suitcase filled with clothes and lying on the hallway floor of his first-floor apartment could be seen through the home’s peephole Monday.

At his arraignment Monday night — at which he was ordered held without bail on charges of second-degree murder and weapons possession — prosecutors said Gilbert was found with a skimming device and 21 blank credit cards.

The Princeton graduate was apparently upset about having his allowance cut: Some reports state that he was given $400 a week, which was being cut to $100 a week, while another says that his monthly allowance was being cut from $600 to $400. This was in addition to his parents paying the $2,400 rent on his apartment.

Mugshot of Gilbert Jr. from September 2014 (Southampton Town Police)

His ex-girlfriend, Anna Rothschild, told the Post, “[H]is dad was hypercritical of him — he couldn’t do anything right… He talked a lot about his dad and how mean he was to him and how nothing was good enough.” She added that Gilbert was in the Hamptons most of the time, “He surfed and went to the gym and went to yoga, he was very fit,” but “He’s very much a loner. His phone never rang. No one texted him or called him. The one time it rang in four months while we were together, it was his mother.”

Gilbert also had a run-in with the law, out in the Hamptons, last year. According to 27East:

Mr. Gilbert Jr. was arrested…for criminal contempt in the second degree after violating an order of protection, said Southampton Town Police Sergeant Susan Ralph in an email. The order was filed by Peter Smith, aSagaponack homeowner and Connecticut resident, on June 18, 2014. Just months later, Mr. Smith’s17th-century,Sagaponack home burned down on September 15, and a gas can and rags soaked in gasoline were found in the cemetery across from the home the following day. Mr. Gilbert Jr. was arrested on September 18 for violating the order.A second order of protection was filed against the younger Mr. Gilbert by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office on behalf of Mr. Smith on December 8 of last year, according to D.A. spokesman Bob Clifford. Mr. Clifford could not comment on the first order of protection or the relationship between Mr. Gilbert Jr. and Mr. Smith because the case was sealed.

The Post’s sources say that Gilbert is a suspect in the arson: “Smith Jr. already had a restraining order against Gilbert Jr., a court source said… Gilbert was suspected of killing Smith’s dog before the fire.”

Thomas Gilbert, who previously worked in private equity, had founded Wainscott Capital, and the younger Gilbert had filed paperwork to start his own hedge fund last year. Rothschild lamented, “How could a guy be that gorgeous, that wealthy, that fit, and kill his dad? This is the last thing in a million years that I thought he could do.”