TAC: 3 Celebrities That You Didn’t Know Were Sober


Brandon Novak

Celebrities have a very stressful and demanding career and lifestyle. People pull them in a thousand different directions and they are expected to be on their “A” game at all times. Think about our lives and how we have our ups and downs throughout any given day. Could we handle the demands of a celebrity life? A high number of celebrities turn to drugs and alcohol to try to keep up with the demands of their celebrity status and, in turn, develop hardcore addictions. And because of their high-profile status, their struggles are out in the public eye for us all to see. As sad as it is, we tend to hear all about their struggles and downfalls but rarely hear about their recovery. So we here at The Addictions Coach have started a reoccurring blog listing three celebrities that you might not know have beaten the deadly cycle of addiction and are now sober. So today we are going to take a look at three very successful celebrities that are now clean and sober.

BRANDON NOVAK– Almost all of us have seen episodes of the hilarious guys from Jackass. They take part in hilarious stunts and pranks that are over the top in society. Well, Brandon Novak was in that group of skateboarders turned comedians and he was on top of the skateboarding world at a very young age. Things started to change for Brandon in his teens when he started using drugs and drinking and began bouncing in and out of rehabs. He finally found himself at a rehab that he could relate to and began his life of sobriety. Going on five years sober Brandon is helping others get clean by sharing his story to influence others to follow his route to sobriety.
KELLY OSBOURNE– The daughter of the famous rock star, Ozzy Osbourne began using pills at the age of 16. She was taking 50 pills a day by the time she was 17 and drinking on top of that. Being thrown into the limelight didn’t help her much, as she claims that she did drugs because she was afraid of life and her celebrity status. Having a camera in her face since the age of 14 contributed to her using drugs and alcohol. Now at age 34 Kelly is pushing four years sober and she is helping others by teaming up with Loosid. Loosid is an app that networks people looking for other sober people and sober events. Giving back to help others has really helped Osbourne stay clean and sober herself.
KAT VON D– Kat Von D is a famous tattoo artist who struggled with addiction. Alcohol was Kat’s drug of choice and she began drinking heavily at a young age.  She began noticing that alcohol was starting to hinder her tattoo work and vowed to quit. She was offered a job in Miami at Miami Ink which was involved in a reality show and the show aired one month into her new sober life in 2007. She began cutting loose friends and anyone close to her that were not clean and sober. She is now over ten years clean and sober and is very proud of this accomplishment. Since becoming sober, Kat has developed her own make up line, written two books, gone back to modeling at times, and continued her tattoo work.
We here at The Addictions Coach work hand in hand with celebrities to help keep them clean and sober and to also influence others to follow their lead. We offer many recovery-based programs to help all walks of life get clean and sober and stay clean and sober. You can find all of our recovery based services through our website at http://www.theaddictionscoach.com and by calling us at 1-800-706-0318.