TAA: Ready for the Next Step in Recovery Coach Training? Recovery Coach II WEBINAR April 28-29th

TAA: Ready for the Next Step in Recovery Coach Training?  Recovery Coach II WEBINAR April 28-29th

Recovery Coaching Training

Nationally Certified Recovery Coach II (NCRC-II)
Once you complete Recovery Coaching Level I and want more out of your practice, our Recovery Coach  Level II Training is designed to deal with specific populations. A successful Sober Coach or Advanced Recovery Coach will need to know how to handle aggressive clients, out of control clients, clients in the Criminal Justice System and the upper elite/wealthy client.  In our Recovery Coaching II Training Program and Sober Coaching Course, all of these special topics will be covered along with handling unique and stressful family situations and how to present at functions in your recovery coach job. When to say no to a client and how to terminate the relationships will be addressed in our Level II Professional Recovery Coaching Program.  Mental Health Issues and Personality Disorders will be discussed in our Recovery Coaching Course, with special attention on cutting and acting out behaviors. We even offer you a list of medications that you can take with you on assignments when you meet your clients so you know what they are  taking and what it is prescribed for. Our Recovery Coaching Training Level 2 adds to what you have learned in Recovery Coaching Level 1.

In our Advanced Recovery Coaching II Class, we explore the business side of Recovery Coaching and the human side.  We focus on how to accept new clients and tackle all the underlying issues that are not normally addressed in a traditional Recovery Coaching Course,. We will be discussing and presenting both aspects of the training  in depth and detail so you can become a recovery coach with the best recovery coaching training on the market. You will leave with tons of information.

Our Recovery Coach II training is helpful for the seasoned therapist or the person just beginning a career in sober coaching. Counselors, Social Workers, Addiction Professionals, life coaches, and anyone seeking life coach training or life recovery coach training will benefit from the second course in Recovery Coaching that we offer.  We offer a recovery coach manual that covers all the details and special attentions we are paying to the needs of our clients. We include powerful business operation information for you that will assist you with recovery coach jobs or addiction treatment exploration.

At The Addictions Academy, we want the most up to date and comprehensive training available and we settle for no less than perfection. Our intense 2 day recovery coach academy training will prepare you for an amazing career as an addiction professional in the world of recovery coaching and sober coaching. It doesn’t end there for us, we offer supervision and mentorships. All good coaches have a coach!

We meet all requirements for inclusion in recovery coaches international membership.  Begin your career as a  Recovery Coach or Sober Coach today. 1.800.706.0318

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