Surviving and Staying Strong. Poems by Jay Butler of Seven Day Confession

Surviving and Staying Strong 


The Darkness that hunts me is the reason I write

The struggle is the reason I fight

I allowed my morals, and what I stand for get out of sight

Lost in the world and I can’t find my way home

No brothers or sisters, so I’m fighting this battle all alone

It’s sad that women are battling breast cancer

Young girls have to find out two years later

that she and the baby she is carrying have AIDS,

Praying every day that it’s not

Too late for my soul to be saved

The darkness that hunts me is the reason I write

The struggle is the reason I fight.


For the women who work two jobs,  raising two or three kids on their own. Getting disrespected by men on daily, but find the strength to keep moving on.

For the women who took beatings and are victims to violence, because a man could not keep them silent.

For the women who fought for their voice to be heard and for the young girls to be free and not live like a slave and made you realize if you don’t stand up and rise your only destiny is in the grave.

This is for the women who are considered big, but still kept their self-respect and kept their self-esteem high, stood up for what they believe in and were not scared to die.

This is for the women.


Jay Butler


jay-butlerMy name is Jay Butler. I was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, September 1984.  Two years after graduating from Spring High School I was homeless, ever since then I have been struggling to survive.

I have been homeless on and off for 16 years. Through my struggle, I noticed my gift for writing.  My unique gift has touched and is able to change lives around the globe. I realized writing was a gift, when I was going through my hardships in life. I lived in a crack house in Denver, and one of the smokers told me, let me take you somewhere, you can be in a different scenery, for a couple of hours. This place I went was teaching teenagers how to be creative and productive.

One day while I was there, this lady approached me and said, “Are you going to get on stage to do spoken word?” My response was, “I don’t know how to write poetry, I don’t understand it.” Her reply was, “Do you know how to tell the truth?”  I said, “Yes, that’s easy.”  She said, “That’s all poetry is, just telling the truth.”

I have been writing ever since. When she said that to me, it was like it turned a light on inside me, and sparked a talent that I never knew I had.

The smoker was a guide that led me to that place so I can receive my gift. And as I reflect on that day, I see God working through all people.  It’s amazing, how He opened my eyes.  I see people in a different perspective.  I see their character, not their situation.   That’s why I’m interested in helping people who are going through addiction.  Not all people who are on drugs are bad, that’s not who they really are. They just need the dope, pills, or alcohol to cope.  See when you judge, you make it that much harder for them to stay sober, so we should help the child not talk about the child.  Practice love and patience. Let’s help the ones crying for help, the families who lost their loved one to addiction, and the ones who died to stay sober.

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If you or someone you love is suffering with addiction, call 1.800.706.0318 or visit The Addictions Coach for help.