Suboxone…… Toll or Trap? An Addict’s Perspective


Suboxone……Toll or Trap?  An Addict’s Perspective

Heroin addicts who are hopelessly deep in their addiction are told that there is light at the end of the tunnel. That “light” comes in the form of Suboxone. Doctors are prescribing this “maintenance” drug by the masses.

Some of the doctors are telling addicts that there is a very slim chance of them living opiate free and that they are better off alive on Suboxone than dead on heroin. There are a few holes in this theory and maybe even some financial motivation for these doctors to keep pushing this theory. The most important fact to keep in mind is that a 7 day detox wont kill you, no matter how close you feel to death. It just wont.

The first three days will be pure hell. Days 4 and 5 wont be pretty either but they will be twice as good as the first 3 days. By day 6 someone in detox will start to feel alive again and by day 7 you are back on track to being yourself again. So  why take the risk of Suboxone? Some will say that they need Suboxone to create separation between their last heroin dose and the present day. Well that’s fine and dandy, but what happens when the day comes that your prescription to Suboxone runs out and you begin that detox?

It usually takes Suboxone 72 hours to begin to be flushed by the body so the aches, pains, upset stomach and other symptoms come roaring back. What then? Usually, we go back to heroin to stop the pain. Then we are back to square one. So wouldn’t just buckling down from day 1 and deaing with a week of hell with a definite end be better than this potential trap that usually leads right back to heroin? I think so.

Now, just to let you in on some financial motivation for these doctors and manufacturers to keep pushing this flawed theory. Suboxone sales annually are averaging 1.5 billion dollars. 1.5 BILLION dollars. That’s insane! And more than enough motivation to keep you thinking that you can’t stay clean without it. I tell you all of this from experience. I have tried to kick heroin for 4 years. I have detoxed many times with some of the worst symptoms you can imagine… but it didnt kill me. The last time I detoxed I got a script for Suboxone and quit taking it after a few doses. I felt what it was doing. I knew what I was setting myself up for in the future. So I toughed it out.

And guess who the first person to call my phone was? Not my heroin dealer…Not my coke dealer, but my Suboxone doctor trying to get me to come back for a follow up visit and to give me another 30 day supply of Suboxone…NO THANKS!

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