Sports Sober Coach: Sports players using drugs and alcohol? Of course!

Sports  Sober Coach

Sports players using drugs and alcohol? of course!  There is a very limited system of  professional services available for sports players when it comes to drugs, alcohol, anger management and domestic violence. The pro sports teams have 1 or 2 people in recovery that have no real formal education to handle the drugs and alcohol issues and maybe a therapist or psychologist in the local town. College sports team have even fewer resources. That is why you are seeing so much activity in the NFL and so much lack of actual help to the players. We can help, it is what we do. Sports Sober Coach 1.800.706.0318 don’t wreck your career let us help you before it is too late.


University of Miami quarterback Kevin Olsen was arrested early Monday morning on charges of driving under the influence and possessing a fake or stolen driver’s license.

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