Sports Sober Coach: What The NFL Doesn’t Want You To Know


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What the NFL doesn’t want you to know:
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Orlando Scandrick gets a 4 game suspension for ‘meth’ which we all know is PED. Ray Rice received a 2 game suspension for domestic violence. Josh Gordon gets a year for Marijuana, which is now legal is some states. Peterson gets a 1 game suspension for hitting his child with a switch. Irsay, an owner received a 6 game suspension for having enough pills to kill a horse, but only after outrage that he was not being disciplined.

What an internal nightmare. Clearly the staff has no clue about anger management, domestic violence and drug addiction. The internal make up of the 2 people per team ‘in recovery’ with no training is not working. The staff need trained, the owners need trained and more importantly the players need to be able to deal with their issues on and off the field. The issues are not addressed and the teams and the NFL seem to use the debauchery as a way to get more press for each team.  You don’t see this in the NBA, as they are organized and provide services to the players.

The NFL needs to step it up and get help from professionals. Not a ‘committee’ or 2 dudes in recovery. Real qualified professionals and consultants to the owners and the teams. The lack of services for the pro football team is no longer being accepted as a means to generate revenue and hype for teams.

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