Sober on Demand: Make Your Recovery Your Reality



So we are going to play “make believe” for a few minutes and then realize that the situation that we envisioned to get clean and sober is right in front of us.

Let’s talk rehab for a few minutes. Most recovering addicts have been to some type of rehabilitation facility for an extended period of time. Whether it was a 30 days stay, a 90 day stay or 6 months or more your life was put on a sudden and abrupt hold while you checked into a residential rehabilitation facility. You weren’t able to work or to pay your bills. You weren’t there for your spouse or children. Utilities get shut down, cars get repossessed and eviction notices get issued. Traditional rehabs will tell you, “At least you still have your life!”  Yeah, okay, but the reality of losing everything comes crashing down on us the day we leave our rehabilitation program.

A large portion of us will not be able to bear this burden and we will soon start using drugs and alcohol again to numb ourselves from the feeling we have from losing everything. So what if I told you this didn’t have to happen. What if I told you to imagine that you could magically take ALL the things that didn’t work for you in rehab and toss them aside while only taking the things that worked for you and tailored the perfect program.

Well, this situation doesn’t have to be make believe. With The Addictions Coach and their SOBER ON DEMAND program this situation becomes reality. The Addictions Coach and their SOBER ON DEMAND program tailors a program specific to your needs and strengths to give you the BEST avenue for success and sobriety. Dr. Cali Estes and her SOBER IN DEMAND PROGRAM assess you, the client, and then creates a unique program tailored to you specifically and then brings the program to you at your home, work or wherever you need them for an intense 3 to 10 plus day private wrap around Coaching experience that ultimately gives the recovering addict the best chance to not only achieve sobriety, but to also maintain sobriety long term. The Addictions Coach and their SOBER IN DEMAND program have extremely high success rates so head over to their website at Top Recovery Coaches and Life Coaching for Drug and Alcohol Addiction to  hear from the hundreds of recovering addicts that have used The Addictions Coach to maintain sobriety long term. At this website you will find information on all of their recovery based programs and you can also call in at 1-800-706-0318. Call us today or visit the website above.