Sober on Demand and COVID-19


sober on demand

I have been seeing a pattern over the past week that is a little expected, a little amusing and a little baffling. Marketing 101 simply states that when marketing and advertising your service or company you need to attach your service or company to modern events, trends or activities that are drawing major attention in the world at the present time.

So with this being said, it is a little expected that we are now seeing traditional drug and addiction rehabilitation centers and programs attach themselves to the coronavirus and alter their traditional way of battling addiction by offering addiction-related services via the internet, telephone, or any other way that doesn’t involve one-on-one personal contact, that could help spread this awful virus.

Now the baffling part of this is that Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach has been doing this in a HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL manner for almost a DECADE! Dr. Estes and her creation, The Addictions Coach, has been bringing quality addiction-related services to the client since 2011. Her mindset at the beginning was that addiction is definitely not a “one size fits all” issue that is easily fixed by a “blanket concept”. Each and every drug addict is different, and Dr. Estes has been personally molding an addiction related self-help program specific to each and every client and bringing that service to the client at their home, office, vacation, or anywhere else that addiction related help is needed.

The bread and butter of The Addictions Coach is the SOBER ON DEMAND program. SOBER ON DEMAND is offered and given specially by Dr. Estes herself, where she sits down with the client and assesses the addiction first and then molds and creates a program specific to that clients strengths, weaknesses, goals and level of addiction. She then sets forth a 7 to 14 day intensive program that focuses on why the addict is using in the first place, along with many other intensive methods and activities to get the client clean and sober. After the initial 7 to 14 day intensive part of SOBER ON DEMAND, Dr. Estes will either stay on for an indefinite time period with the client or pair them up with one of The Addictions Coach’s top nationally certified professional recovery coaches to continue down the path of sobriety.

And once again, all of these addiction and recovery related services are brought to the recovering addict in their home, work or wherever needed by Dr. Estes and The Addictions Coach. So if you are struggling with any addiction and are seeing all of the traditional rehabs coming out of the woodwork to offer to bring their service to you out of fear of the coronavirus, keep in mind that Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach has been doing this for a DECADE! So if you are considering hiring an addiction and recovery related company that offers to bring their services to you now that the coronavirus is spreading rapidly, don’t hire a company with zero experience at this. Don’t hire a company that is going to learn the ropes and work out the bugs with your life at stake and your sobriety at stake. Hire the person and the company that has been doing this at a highly successful rate for a decade and that is The Addictions Coach, Dr. Cali Estes and her SOBER ON DEMAND PROGRAM! You can get information on the SOBER ON DEMAND program and all of the many addiction and recovery based programs that The Addictions Coach has to offer by clicking on or by calling 1-800-706-0318.