Sober Coach Los Angeles: Depression and Alcohol Dependence

Sober Coach Los Angeles


Depression and Alcohol Dependence. What if we had it all backwards? The sugar in the alcohol and excessive consumption CAUSES depression, not comes along with it. What if we stopped the sugar AND the alcohol? Allowed the body to return to homeostasis first for 6 months and THEN measured if the symptoms cleared up?

Instead of giving the addict MORE pills, more meds, more drugs? What an idea….back when AA started there were no ‘miracle med cures’. People got clean, people learned to cope and move on.

That is what we do at The Addictions Coach, treat the addiction first, then the whole body with nutrition and vitamins and what have we learned? MOST of our depressive client symptoms vanish. If you want total body treatment without more meds. Call us. 1.800.706.0318

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