Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll and…SOBRIETY?


Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll and…SOBRIETY?


The deadly cycle of addiction shows no prejudices, especially when it comes to celebrities. One such celebrity made a seemingly life or death decision that could end up saving his life in the long run. James Hetfield, of the platinum-selling hard rock band Metallica, has decided to put off a billion-dollar world tour to enter rehab for his addiction to alcohol. Can you imagine having to make a decision of this magnitude to possibly save your life? One would have to admit that our first instinct would be to “tough it out” for the next few months to make millions of dollars and then enter rehab after the tour. But maybe Mr. Hetfield has a greater understanding of his addiction to alcohol than we do and understands that he could possibly die while out on the above-mentioned tour.

This isn’t the first time that an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol has put an abrupt stop to Mr. Hetfield and his band Metallica. Twice before, Metallica has ceased all shows, rehearsals and operations to help get James Hetfield clean and sober. One of these times was clearly displayed for the world to see in one of the band’s documentaries as James almost abruptly quit the multi-platinum selling band due to his alcohol addiction. James and the band decided to enter Mr. Hetfield into a alcohol rehabilitation facility to battle his demons. The band actually performed an intervention and convinced him to enter rehab. With Metallica’s alcohol issues it is clear to see that alcohol addiction is just as dangerous and destructive as any other addiction.

During the band’s documentary we can watch as James’s alcohol addiction clearly affects his ability to play at a professional level both live and in the studio. We also clearly see his alcohol addiction affect his ability to get along with his band mates on a rational level. And we also see his alcohol addiction affect his ability to show up to band functions on time and sober. At times, we see Mr. Hetfield clearly make a complete fool of himself and his band because of his alcohol addiction.

So, where do we go from here with Metallica and James Hetfield? The easy part is done by canceling the tour. Now what? Obviously, his past rehab didn’t work so something more needs to be done. We here at The Addictions Coach specialize in celebrity personalities that are in high demand and high-performance careers. Our SOBER ON DEMAND program would fit perfectly for Metallica and James Hetfield. After a professional intervention and assessment, we would bring the treatment to James and join him on his tour on a daily basis while working with him on a minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day basis.

Dr. Cali Estes, the industry’s top professional certified sober coach, comes exclusively to the client, or Mr. Hetfield, holding him accountable for his sobriety daily while working with him on his own personalized drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Her success rates are phenomenal and just think, maybe Metallica didn’t need to cancel their tour. If Mr. Hetfield and Metallica has a top certified sober coach like Dr. Estes out on the road with them to keep him accountable and in line and working on his sobriety while he continues to tour, then wouldn’t we get the best of both worlds for James personally and professionally? You can get information on The Addictions Coach and their Sober on Demand Program at