Sex Addiction Coaching

Sex Addiction Therapy and Sex Addiction Coaching can be difficult to find as it relates to addiction and mental health. The stigma around sex addiction, porn addiction, masturbation, hiring escorts and strippers is what most people talk about. Sex addiction is so much more, from intimacy issues to partner betrayal trauma, and it can cross over into additional substances like alcohol and cocaine as well.

At The Addictions Coach, we can offer you sex addiction help without having to go to a sexual addiction treatment center and spend 6 months learning impulse control and behavior modification.  Our sex addiction therapy can be done via Zoom or phone to keep your privacy. We work with both the sex addict and the partner of the sex addict to get to the root cause of the issues and offer proven solutions and techniques that curb sexual addiction issues in the family unit.

Sex addiction is a process addiction that has to do with a shortage of dopamine in the brain chemically. The need for a ‘release’ of this chemical is what causes the sexual compulsions and drives. We treat both sides of the coin, the chemical and the emotional. Dr. Cali Estes and her team of certified sex addiction coaches and therapists have helped thousands of people just like you.

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How to stop sex addiction? Sexual addiction is an impulse control disorder and a compulsion, base on the DSM 5 definition. Since it is a process addiction, it takes getting to the root cause of the issues and handling the dopamine shortage in the brain on a chemical level.

How to treat sex addiction? Sexual addiction is a complex process addiction rooted in both emotional and chemical issues. Both needed to be treated along with any trauma to see an advancement of the patient.

What is sexual addiction treatment? Treatment for sex addiction can vary from provider to provider. Most therapists use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to treat the impulse control disorder.  It is imperative to note that chemical issues in the brain, including low dopamine, are key to understanding this complex disorder.

How can I get certified in sex addiction? The Addictions Academy offers the only national sex addiction coach (NCSAC) training program that covers both the emotional and chemical sides of this process addiction. You must be a certified life coach and a certified recovery coach to enroll in the program.