Sex Addiction in the NFL: How One Player Risked It All!



Sex Addiction in the NFL:  How One Player Risked It All!



When we think of the catastrophic results of addiction, we usually think of a heroin addict injecting his entire inheritance, or a cocaine addict snorting his most prized sports car. We may even let our minds imagine a struggling alcoholic drinking himself to death and losing his place to live. We rarely think of someone losing everything they have built from youth to adulthood by not being able to control their sex life. Well, I am here to tell you today that sex addiction can be just as catastrophic and destructive as any other active addiction. Sex addiction has run rampant in society for centuries and leaving a path of destruction behind. People lose their marriages, their families, their jobs and even their freedom all in the name of sex. And nowhere has it been more abundant than in professional sports.

Athletes in all realms of professional sports certainly have their fair share of sex addicts. And the national football league is the front runner for sex addiction and the destruction that it leaves behind. If you remember one of our stories from two years ago, a talented coach for the Miami Dolphins threw his entire career away with that team by yes, sex addiction to local strippers and his cocaine addiction. But the latest evidence of sex addiction in the NFL is a story that is almost as comical as it is sad. Let me clarify myself by saying that there is nothing funny about a man that has the potential to lose everything he has worked for because of his sex addiction, but the circumstances that led to this incident are as strange and amusing as they are sad. This week, the Seattle Seahawks cut rookie defensive player Kemah Siverand for trying to sneak a female into the team hotel that was strictly forbidden due to the potential spread of COVID-19. All players were given specific instructions that no one other than team employees and players were to be admitted into the hotel until further notice.

Mr. Siverand risked his entire career by dressing his female companion up into Seattle Seahawks gear all the while trying to sneak her into the team hotel for the evening. Team officials quickly noticed that one Seattle Seahawk player in particular had extremely nice curves and features. This player looked too good to be a male Seattle Seahawks defender, and it was soon discovered that under shoulder pads and helmet was a gorgeous 5-foot 6-inch female waiting to get to the players’ hotel. As funny and strange as the circumstances are, it shows just how far sex addicts will go to quench their cravings. Much like a heroin addict risks taking his last breath with each injection, this NFL player knew that if his actions were discovered, his playing days would be over. He put everything on the line to get laid to be perfectly honest and it backfired in the worst way.

Siverand was cut by the team the following day and has not been picked up by another team. Everything he worked for from the time he was a child is gone at this point and is going to be next to impossible to regain. He did not care about his teammates and the risk of them catching this virus that could have potentially wiped out the entire Seattle Seahawks football team. And that is going to be hard for any other franchise or coach to look past when considering him for employment. His career is most likely over, his dreams of becoming a top NFL player and a very wealthy man have gone up in flames, and all in the name of sex! We here at The Addictions Coach deal with sex addiction as well as all other addictions and are just a phone call or an email away from getting you the help that you need and deserve. Don’t be like this NFL player and let your active addiction take everything that you have worked your entire life to gain. You can call us at 1-800-706-0318 or head to our company website at Contact us today!