Primary Nationwide Regions for Sober & Recovery Coaching Services

Miami & South Florida Los Angeles & Southern California Manhattan & New York City Dallas, TX Chicago, IL Austin, TX Seattle, WA Philadelphia, PA


addiction coaching services in florida, california, texas, illinois, seattle and pennsylvaniaThe Addictions Coach receives calls and inquiries from all over the nation, and likewise, we offer a network of highly trained coaching professionals from coast to coast!  Our expertise is extremely broad and extends throughout all matters relating to drug addiction, alcoholism, sobriety, recovery treatment, aftercare, life issues (i.e., work, school, etc.), relationships and more…

While The Addictions Coach does provide services throughout the U.S. and even internationally at times, we do have what are called primary service regions.  These are essentially major cities throughout the country in which we have much broader resources readily available at usually a moment’s notice. Those major cities and states are as follows:

As mentioned above, be aware that The Addictions Coach is available nationwide, however the above mentioned regions are simply focal points in which additional coaching, recovery and treatment resources are more readily available.  Whether you or your loved one are in need of any variation of sober/recovery/life coaching, or anything more clinical related such as treatment, therapy and mental health services, our network of providers is extremely broad and highly acclaimed!

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