Scottish Football Association Coach in Trouble For Gambling


Scottish Football Association Coach in Trouble For Gambling

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While thinking of life’s major addictions like drugs and alcohol we sometimes forget of some of the other addictions that can ruin our lives just as much as drugs and alcohol. Other addictions such as sex, internet, social media and gambling addiction. And this was definitely on display as Scottish Football (Soccer) Association Coach Brian Rice broke the association’s rules on gambling.

He had been gambling heavy from 2015-2019 and the association handed down a 10 game suspension for his actions. Wow, ten games. That is NOT a lot compared to what American athletes and coaches have been handed down over time for gambling. Take Pete Rose, aka Charlie Hustle, for example. Pete Rose was the face of Major League Baseball for 2 decades while playing for and coaching for the Cincinnati Reds and Philadelphia Phillies.

Rose was a SURE BET for the Major League Baseball Hall Of Fame once he retired until very disturbing facts surfaced about Pete Rose. His gambling and much worse, his gambling on his own team. I’m sure I don’t have to go into much detail explaining to you what a huge problem Rose created by betting on his own team. Now you have to wonder, did he “throw” some of the games he played in or coached in to even out a debt or to cash in on a big bet? And by “throwing” a game in which he played or coached in I mean losing the game on purpose to win money.

Pete rose single-handedly destroyed the integrity of major-league baseball, his team and himself. It would appear that Scottish Soccer Coach Brian Rice didn’t let it get that far or maybe he was stopped before it got that far. Or now that I think about it, maybe he just didn’t get caught!

So as you can see, some of the less popular addictions, such as gambling, can have the same devastating consequences and outcome as drugs and alcohol addiction.  Gambling addiction can ruin someone financially. Gambling addiction can cause a person to shut down and alienate themselves while they immerse their life into the every day action of gambling. Winning and losing while gambling can have the same physiological affect on the brain as using drugs and alcohol. Winning a large sum of money while gambling can release the same endorphins and dopamine that drugs release. Gambling addiction can have the same psychological grasp on the brain that drugs do.  How many times have we heard a gambling addict say,” just one more game”, “I can win my money back” or “please lend me $100 so I can win my money back”? Sound familiar?  It does to me. It sounds just like the words that came out of my mouth when gambling.

—Brad (recovering gambling addict)


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