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SUBMITTED ON: 05/05/2013


FROM: Lantana, FL



TYPE OF THERAPY PROVIDED: Substance Abuse Treatment Services

THERAPY SETTING: Private within Treatment Center



I met Cali when I was in treatment for substance and alcohol abuse. Little did I know that this wasn’t my only problem. Under Cali’s care, I learned about addiction and even more about myself. Her approach with me from day one was forward, non judgmental and most importantly consistent. I credit Cali with not just the foundation on which I have built 22 months of sobriety, but with opening the door to life changing events. I came to her a strung out little girl and stand here today a strong, confident woman due to her guidance. She helped me see who I was and who I was capable of being. My true self. Outside of abusing alcohol and drugs for over 20 years, I had also made poor life altering choices I could not forgive myself for, had put myself in situations I could not forgive others for and was extremely compulsive with the manner I consumed food. I never, ever, believed I could live the care free life I live today. Was not even a possibility. However, following Cali’s guidance, participating in specific excercises and being completely honest in our sessions together, I was able to make huge moves with my life in such a short period of time. And also able to maintain my physical, spiritual and mental health today by continually practicing the lessons I have learned from her. I truly wish I could express in great detail all she has done for me, my life, but I think the fact that I am sitting here on a Monday night, after a long day at work, expressing my gratitude with words (albeit with a few possible typos) speaks for itself. 2 years ago I would have been incoherent, scrubbing an already clean kitchen, crying over what has been done to me and what I have done for others. That was my yesterday and because of Cali Estes, I can enjoy my today and look forward to the possibilities of my tomorrow.

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