What if there was a workbook that helped your clients in addiction, move forward with their lives?

Are you ready to have a workbook that helps your clients in addiction move forward with their lives?
We are pleased to have the only workbook that helps clients with an addiction. The Recovery Coach Workbook is a hands-on companion to the renowned courses taught by The Addictions Academy featuring real-world examples and exercises. As we go through the career of recovery coaching, and working with those who suffer from addiction, we meet many types of clients. Each has their own problems that they struggle with.
This workbook has been designed to provide assignments and exercises to our clients, and we hope that we have provided an exercise for every type of client you may have. The exercises in this book have been compiled from the experience of all our coaches, and are exercises that are used on a day to day basis with our clients. The Workbook has been used successfully by numerous individuals, residential recovery programs, out-patient programs, professional recovery coaches, aftercare professionals, counselors, therapists, probation officers, ministries, recovery retreats, sponsors, sober companions, and family members. It exists to help them to get a deeper understanding of the disease of addiction, the solution to the problem, and the program of action that promotes change in those challenged by substance abuse.
Author, Dr. Cali Estes, is a highly sought after Addiction Counselor (MCAP, MAC ICADAC), Life Coach, Recovery Coach and Wellness Guru that blends talk therapy with forward and positive change to assist her clients in unlocking their true potential. She has been featured in books, magazines, radio and television for her work in the addictions and therapy fields. She works with individuals, drug and alcohol treatment teams, and addiction professionals looking to advance their knowledge base.
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