Professional Coaching! Guest Blog by Rev. Kevin Coughlin, PhD. for The Addictions Academy

Guest Blog for The Addictions Academy and The Addictions Coach by Rev. Kevin Coughlin, PhD. Faculty at The Addictions Academy and owner of New Beginnings Ministry in PA.


Professional Coaching!

I read most articles that I come across on professional coaching. At least a paragraph or two, if it’s informative and interesting, I’ll read the entire article. Sometimes I’m amazed at the lack of knowledge and information that surfaces in some cases when it comes to the rapidly growing and exciting field of professional coaching. I also take every course that I can, even if I’m already trained in that area, or an expert in the field. You might be saying to yourself, why would you do that? Because this is a rapidly growing and changing field, the only way to stay current with the latest information, laws, skills, and techniques is to be involved in every aspect of the profession.

I read an article yesterday that stated the most lucrative form of coaching is executive coaching at over $100,000 per year. That information is not correct. There was some very good information in the article, but they didn’t do their homework. They mentioned approximately fifteen forms of professional coaching and left out one of the biggest and fastest growing niches in the field today. Professional Addiction Recovery Coaching is an amazing form of coaching that is desperately needed in the World today. There are niches within niches within Professional Addiction coaching. There is Professional Family Addiction Recovery Coaching, Professional Gambling Addiction Coaching, Professional Addiction Recovery Coaching, Professional Case Management Coaching, Professional Sex Addiction Coaching, Prevention, Ethics, AMA, and the list goes on. There is also Professional Christian Coaching for each one of those niches. You can comfort where you have been comforted. It seems the best coaches have experience in the niche that they specialize in.

Professional Coaching isn’t all about money! It’s about helping people become better people, and helping people have better lives. The money is a real bonus! For me, I believe we are our brother’s keepers. There is one on one coaching where coaches make an hourly income, usually under contract for a certain number of sessions. Some Professional Recovery Coaches will go to events with the client, or stay with the client for a period of time to help them get through a difficult period in their lives. Then there are group presentations such as webinars where the coach presents to large groups for a set price per person. Some coaches make passive income through their websites selling DVD programs, books, newsletters, memberships, etc. Some of these coaches can make large sums of income within a year.

Don’t be mistaken! These Professional Addiction Recovery Coaches are highly trained, very skilled, knowledgeable, educated, and experts in their respective fields. Some seem to think that these coaches are just recovering alcoholics that are like AA sponsors.  That couldn’t be farther from reality! These Professional Coaches are experts! They have to be the best in their field because they’re not dealing with a failing business; they’re dealing with a failing life! The stakes couldn’t ne higher for these pros!

It seems like every week there is a new emerging drug on the streets that can kill our kids. Every week science finds some new evidence to deal with addiction. Every month or two a new modality pops up to help people recover from addiction. From engagement through disengagement, the coach has to help differentiate the true from the false. Not an easy task at all!

Just the other day twelve college kids overdosed on what they thought was MDMA or MOLLY. They could have died! Some of those families are now in crisis and could use Professional addiction Recovery Coaches. Coaches can help a great deal even if just to help educate them. Multiple kids are dying every minute from the use of drugs. Professional Addiction Coaching is a great field to get involved in for those who want to make a positive difference in our Nation and in our World today!

I believe that the best Professional Addiction Recovery Coaching Training in the Country is at (800)-706-0318.

-RevKev IMAC & Trainer The Addictions Academy