Prideful, Feisty, and YOUNG, a Millennial’s Perspective on her Generation. Guest post by Morgan Bryan


Prideful, Feisty, and YOUNG, a Millennial’s Perspective on her Generation


From the young to the old, every single person has a personality that differs from another.  Some however will argue that the the young men and women in the world are rather “wild” or “disrespectful.” Why exactly do the young people of the world get described as this? It comes as to no surprise that in today’s society and all the issues circulating the news and social media that the young take the headlines to a whole new meaning. Most teenagers, 20 year olds and even older men and women will be the first to play hooky from school or work and head to nearest protest, the nearest presidential campaign, or the newest march in major cities. Why exactly do these people do it? That’s pretty simple actually and can be described in just one word, millennial.

The millennials of America, Europe, Canada, and even Australia all suffer from what many people will describe as disrespect, lack of originality, and of course pure laziness. Is that really what it is though? Of course not, millennials are opinionated, full of pride, and full of belief. Anyone can see how a great grandchild will differ in personality from their great grandparents. It is not necessarily because of how they were raised, but because of the time in which they grew up. Social media has grown so much even within the past couple of years.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more have greatly influenced many subjects. Millennials were raised with technology, they grew up with television, cell phones, tablets, and more. Who is to blame for that? Their parents, their friends, their family are not the cause of that issue, no one is really, it’s just the way of the world.

Growing up in a world full of love, hate, and hundreds of other emotions, it could be hard to find a place where you love everywhere you go. That’s what so many millennials fight for, stand up for, because they believe in a better place. Young adults and teenagers are very much involved in self-love. They have no issue standing up for what they believe in, what they want out of life, where they want to go in life and how they are going to get there. There is no rule book that says you absolutely have to move out of your parents house by the age of 20, that you have to follow in your parents or other relatives footsteps, or that you have to go to college.

Morals, ethics, and the path you decide to take can all differ from everyone else. No one has to agree with everything millennials decide to do, and millennials don’t have to agree with the older generations.

No matter how young or how old you are:

Be respectful.  Whether it’s a social issue, personal issue, school issue, etc. having respect for everyone involved (yes, that even means self-respect) will make it less confrontational, stressful, and emotional. Will having respect completely make it look like rainbows and butterflies? No, but it will make it easier. It will show that you’re not just there to simply stand your ground.

What’s that M word again? Oh, right MATURITY.   Maturity does not automatically come with age, but neither can you blame your immaturity level on your lack of years.   There is always a time and a place to be a little crazy or silly at times, but never lose track of who you are as a person. When involved in any situation, whether it be a face to face situation, phone call, or behind some type of cell phone or tablet screen, never lower yourself as a person to try and come out on top. In other words, degrading others because they are not the same person as you and don’t like the same things as you lowers your maturity AND respect level A LOT!

BE yourself, LOVE yourself.  I could list so many things that make you different from the girl in your 10th grade English class or the guy you competed against for an internship, or even the lady who cut you off in the Starbucks drive-thru. None of you are the same and that Is amazing! No one wants the world to be the exact same every day, that’s honestly super boring. Knowing your differences, the good and the bad, just embrace them. How you look, the way you dress, what you eat and what music you listen to, should never really define if someone likes you or not. Will everyone in the world love you? No, but that’s okay. It’s just the way the world is. Never degrade yourself for the way things are in the world.

So why exactly do millennials differ so much and are so misunderstood? Because we are the newest generation in this crazy and diverse world. As time goes on, who knows which way it’s going to go. Should that make you scared to be who you are? No. It shouldn’t make you scared to stand up and scream about what you believe in. Millennials may dress different, act different, talk different, and handle life differently, but we will all still bleed the same color and have the same squishy organs inside of us. Never forget that.

Even though everyone in life may seem to have it all together and have a smooth life, there are moments where some might need help on how to maintain that good feeling or even acquire that good feeling. No worries, there are people who can and WILL help you and the best thing, they will not degrade you or judge you.

We call it Failure-to-Launch Syndrome, and it is a surprisingly common condition especially among the Millennial Population. They seem lost, not quite sure of whom they are or what they want to do in life. They lack direction, ambition and purpose. If you are their parent, you are probably stressed and feel helpless in how to help them. Dr. Cali Estes specializes in this behavior.

Dr. Cali Estes gets to the root cause of the ambivalence and the ‘stuck points’ to assist her clients in moving forward with their lives in a productive, happy and excited manner. It is not just about the ability to create a life for themselves, but the ability to create a life that has meaning, joy and fulfillment.

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Morgan Bryan

A little bit about me!

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Last year  I made the move to Georgia to follow my dreams. I’m currently a full time college student studying in special education and focusing on pre-med at Georgia Southern University. After earning my undergraduate degree at GSU, I plan on attending medical school to earn my medical degree, which will then lead me to a surgical residency program. I’m a very stubborn young woman and if I set my mind to something I will accomplish it. You won’t really find me too far away from my phone as I love to stay in touch with close friends and family. Of course, also not too far away from me are headphones. I love a great challenge and spontaneous adventures and probably will never say no to a good time to create amazing memories.