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Preventive Measures for Substance Abuse

Many people live their lives with the hope of achieving great things. But what if you are unable to do so? What is there left for you? Unfortunately, for some, addiction becomes an answer to these questions. This blog post will discuss how to prevent substance abuse.

Effectively deal with peer pressure

The key to the prevention of substance abuse is to avoid peer pressure. If possible, stay away from friends who encourage intoxication or drug abuse. The amount of time spent with these friends can also be reduced drastically. A good way to prevent peer pressure and establish a positive relationship with peers is by engaging in community activities such as club membership, sports participation, religious group participation or simply group outdoor activities.

Well-balanced diet

Adults who eat a well-balanced diet tend to have better health, good social skills and less likely to engage in substance abuse. Junk food, fried foods, fast foods etc. Contain high amounts of fat and sugar, which lead to weight gain as well as many other disabilities such as the increased risk of heart diseases etc. These factors can lead to serious mood swings and depression, leading to the abuse of substances such as drugs, alcohol, etc.

Seek help

If adults in the family are abusing substances such as drugs, it is important that they seek help. Seek substance abuse help. Well-structured treatment programs help individuals understand possible reasons for substance abuse and how to avoid problems and situations that trigger substance abuse.

Prevent stress

One of the main reasons why adults turn to substance abuse is due to stress caused by work, family, or other personal issues. Reducing stress through healthy activities such as practices such as yoga, meditation etc. Prevent depression and anxiety, which can lead people into a vicious cycle of drug addiction. We at addiction coach provide professional help like life coaching, counselling or therapy.

Avoid excessive drinking

Drinking excessively leads to many health problems such as liver damage and deficiency of nutrients from the body. With our sober companion services, you can get 24/7 assistance. Our certified sober companion will assist you as you navigate life after addiction, from medical detox to staying clean in triggering situations. What this looks like depends on what you need.

Stay positive

Having a positive outlook towards life, staying away from negative thoughts, and having a purpose prevents a person from being susceptible to depression, leading to substance abuse. This is what Dr. Cali Estes calls ‘Failure to Launch Syndrome, where most ‘millennial’ population craves meaning in life but lacks action. 

Exercise is essential

Exercising helps to release endorphins (neurotransmitters) in the brain that make a person feel good and relaxed. This prevents depression which can lead to substance abuse either directly or indirectly.

Prevention is the best medicine. So, don’t let substance abuse get the best of you. And if you find yourself lost, contact Dr. Cali Estes to help professional help today!

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