NFL Sober Coach: Things are Looking up for Johnny Football

NFL Sober Coach: Things are Looking up for Johnny Football

Johnny Manziel 2015

A majority of our blogs deal with people and athletes, their hardships and downfalls. It seems as though there is an endless stream of DUI’s, arrests and even, overdoses and deaths. Today I would like to take a few moments and talk about what appears to be an early success story. Maybe it would be safer to say that this recovery story is off to a great start if this path continues and this NFL star will have saved his career and most likely his life. Last year, Johnny Manziel was drafted by the Cleveland Browns with extremely high expectations. However, there were some warning signs that came with this extremely talented player. Johnny Manziel claimed that his boozing, drugging and erratic behavior was behind him and he was ready to concentrate solely on a promising NFL career. Unfortunately, soon it was obvious that this was not the case. Not long after being drafted his erratic behavior resurfaced. It began with the infamous booze chugging pool party where he was completely annihilated and floating around on an inflatable Swan, to an after party where he appeared to be talking and slurring into an imaginary telephone made out of money. After the 2014 NFL season started, the erratic behavior continued and soon Johnny Manziel was missing meetings, not studying his playbook and his play on the field was horrendous. The Cleveland Browns benched Manziel a few times and then his season was ended on a mediocre hit by a defender. .As soon as the season ended Johnny Manziel took responsibility for his actions and his behavior and decided on his own to get help and checked himself into rehab. This is where the story begins to take a turn for the better

During the offseason Johnny checked himself into an anonymous rehab and successfully completed the inpatient program. He returned to the Cleveland Browns for the 2015 organized team activities and the 2015 training camp. Johnny came out of rehab a different person, putting his team and his teammates first right behind his recovery. He successfully completed all preseason workouts, practices, and meetings to this point and played extremely well during the scrimmage at Browns Stadium. Manziel is clinging to the fact that he is going to continue to put his recovery first and lean on his support system. This is a must and a great way for Johnny to continue his positive progress because he is being thrown into the exact atmosphere that got him here in the first place. His triggers will be waiting for him now as the season starts and continues to progress. Former players that are in recovery themselves have chimed in on Johnny Manziel’s situation. Vance Johnson, now 19 months clean from alcohol abuse, warns Johnny that season triggers will be jarring. Johnson knows this first hand as he drank himself into a coma several years ago during an NFL season. Another player, ex -Tampa Bay Buccaneer Randy Grimes, who dealt with an extensive prescription pill addiction and is now an interventionist at Behavioral Health of Palm Beaches, warns Johnny of the same thing, telling him that the same NFL atmosphere can be his downfall if he doesn’t lean on his support system first. Anonymous Cleveland Brown players have stated that Johnny Manziel is a different person since the rehab and Browns coaches and front office executives feel extremely positive about his progress. As I look at this story and feel good about the direction that Johnny Manziel is heading I would have to suggest that Mr. Menziel thinks seriously about putting a sober coach by his side during his off time and his day-to-day battles that he is going to deal with constantly.


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