NFL Sober Coach: NFL player breaks his wife’s nose and gets off with very little punishment. Thoughts?


NFL player breaks his wife’s nose and gets off with very little punishment. What do you think? I think it is time for some serious treatment. The Addictions Coach 1.800.706.0318

BREAKING NEWS: Another NFL player gets no jail time after domestic abuse.

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Once again it seems that an NFL player has gotten away nearly scot-free after allegedly breaking his wife’s nose.

Jonathan Dwyer, running back for the Arizona Cardinals, pleaded guilty today to misdemeanor disorderly conduct and will get 18 months probation and some community service.

Dwyer was accused of assaulting his wife back on July 21st, and according to the investigators report had allegedly struck her so hard he broke her nose during the argument. Somehow the  felony count of aggravated assault was reduced and all the other misdemeanor charges he was facing were dismissed.

Yet another NFL player who avoids any kind of real penalty for alleged domestic violence.

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